Things that go bump in the night....

That picture is of my naughty car, which decided to roll itself down a hill sometime on Friday night regardless of the fact that the handbrake was on!!

Fortunately it’s a short, gentle hill so it didn’t pick up to much speed as it made it’s way down the road and *fortunately* there were conveniently placed railings and a sturdy box hedge for it to bounce off

Unfortunately the railings it bumped into belong to a sweet old lady whose dead husband designed them and had them hand-made… (in other words they’re expensive) and even more unfortunately, all this happened on my mum’s new street and she only moved in 2 weeks ago!!

Talk about terrible neighbours. We were the talk of the estate. Sad.

My car is fine, and there are no issues with the handbrake so we can’t see how or why it failed. I think that makes it worse actually; knowing it’s possible now makes me nervous. So I’m looking for a new one….and oh what a task that is. But more on that another day, maybe


I turned 25 two days ago, on the 2nd June.I had a lovely birthday, but the two days since have been full of stress and worry and anxiety. What’s worse is that I have completely let it overwhelm me. I had a panic attack yesterday (and one last week) which freaked me out as it’s been years since that last happened.

I just feel completely swamped and crushed under the weight of a whole lot of responsibility at work.

But my God is bigger. I don’t quite know how to resolve this heavy feeling in my heart without Him. All I can do is draw close and wait for His help. I know He will respond, because He loves me

a little bird in a little cage

Years ago during a prayer time God gave me a picture to help me understand my life. It was of a little bird in a little cage, a beautiful gilded cage.

Everyone could see and admire the bird, and the bird could see the world outside…but always the cage separated them

At that time God showed me that when I accepted Him into my heart and was saved, it was like the door of that little cage opening and the bird being set free.

BUT in my life, even though the door was open, the little bird wouldn’t fly out of her cage because the world around her was too scary; the wind mmight blow too hard, the people might not like her colours or her song, a fierce cat might hurt her.

And so this little birdie stayed in her cage, afraid.

Over the years God has given me the strength to overcome those fears and in certain situations, I feel so confident putting myself out there. I love these times.

At others though, I feel like I’m stood at the door of the cage willing myself to step out and yet I stay completely still – or worse, retreat to the back of the cage where no one can hurt me.

I hate this fear if man that is still in me.

No matter how much Scripture I read, or how many times I pray about it sometimes I feel so overwhelmed I could just bawl. Except I wouldn’t because even showing that weakness makes me fearful.

These are the things I think of late at night. I know the only place to go is the Cross. I know that Jesus’ blood freed me from sin and death. But I still feel captive and I don’t really know, at this precise moment, where to go from here.

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. (Galatians 5:1)


we went to Canada...

On Sunday this week we took a trip to Yarrow, British Colombia, CANADA! Rachel used to live in this town when she was younger and we stayed with the Bournes, her family friends. We drove up on Sunday night and it took 7 hours, and stayed til Tuesday. It took us 9 hours to drive home since we hit Seattle at rush hour! (But that was fine since Rachel got a great shot of the Space Needle for me!)

We had a great time in Canada. After Rachel and David and the kids went to see her Grandpa in his nursing home, we went to a cool little town called Harrison Hot Springs which is named for this little hot spring…except you can’t see the Spring.

We walked around this little lake, and I took this picture of the amazing mountain! It was a great walk, I talked with Hopey about the Queen and the Royal family and she told me all about how Rachel and David set up this sweet surprise for her so she could watch the Royal Wedding when it happened. She knows tons about William and Kate and Prince George!

After our walk we got coffee and hot chocolate, and then went home to Auntie Rosie’s to watch Frozen!

I am amazed by Auntie Rosie’s hospitality! She had all seven of us to stay for two days and she was so unstressed! She made amazing breakfasts and dinners, and made cookies and muffins, and just was so full of the joy of the Lord! I want to be like her when I grow up.

We got home late last night and it has rained all day today so we have watched movies, Rachel and I both had some Bible time, and some Pinterest time, I did some writing with Lily, and played Dobble with Sunday.

Tonight David is away at a conference so Rachel and I are having a girl’s night with takeout and a movie! Exciting!

being Auntie Sarah

How cute is this little cherub? Emily is the absolutely charming and lovely 12 week old daughter of my friends Aaron and Debs. In the last few weeks she has really developed her own sweet personality…and has also suddenly begun looking like Debs! I am so privileged to be Auntie Sarah to this sweetie. Rest assured I did campaign incredibly hard for her to be named Sarah…alas she is not a baby Sarah, but Emily May is a true joy!

I don’t thank God enough, but what a blessed girl I am, to get to be Auntie to some lovely little ones.

I am counting down the days until I get to see my other little niece-lets and nephew over in the USA. Just 18 days to go. I’m so excited, but also so unprepared…I have a ton of things to do and really need to get going with them:
…travel insurance
…ESTA (tourist visa)
…exchanging money

As well as general life stuff too! For today though, I am resting resting resting since I got barely 4 hours of sleep last night.

Catch you later


this is my week

My sister Abigail wqs admitted to hospital yesterday to have her next (and hopefully final) cancer treatment; radio iodine therapy. Fortunately she is due home tonight tomorrow as she has been in isolation since 4pm yesterday and I don’t like it. We can see her for 60 minutes each per day but as she is radioactive we have to wear the full gear you can see in the photo. Cap, face mask, apron, gloves and shoe covers. It’s boiling and uncomfortable but worth it to see Abigail.

So glad she’s due out tomorrow. All being well she will be discharged from the service by Christmas! Cancer free!


today I felt good

I’m posting a “selfie” today…not because it is the official ‘word of the year’ according to the Oxford English Dictionary (who may have actually lost their minds)…but because today I felt very good about myself, and I wanted to post it for’posterity’ so that on days when I don’t feel so good, I will remember.

Also I got my hair cut today and have a week off from work which may or may not have something to do with this sudden joy.