Day 5: Favourite quote

I feel like today’s topic is meant to refer to some profound utterance; something to inspire or encourage or provoke intense thought.

Instead, I’d like to share with you my favourite quote of today.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you – a quote from my friend Laura:

“Right now, I just can’t get over the fact that he is actually more dog than man. And she is in love with him”

Can you guess to what she was referring?!

We were watching Beauty and the Beast this evening – because we are most definitely still allowed to do that, despite being in our twenties – and for some reason when are over 7 and you watch Disney, you manage to pay attention to all kinds of things that you hadn’t seen before.

For instance; the fact that when Belle is falling in love with the Beast, she doesn’t know that he will become a human if she loves him genuinely,  and really just loves him even though he is an actual animal.

We came up with several options, when considering what kind of animal he was most similar to…a dog, a lion, a bison…?

Either way, not human. And yet, she loves him.

I definitely love that movie.


Day 2: Favourite Movie

I looooooove watching movies 🙂 There’s a movie for every scenario, isn’t there?

Sad movies, happy movies, love movies, break-up movies, angry family movies, poorly-time movies…I have a rather excessive DVD/VCR collection, and Rosie & I have a subscription to LoveFILM so we have an ever-growing list of movies on that. I also like going to the cinema…I think this is a throwback from the first couple of years after my parents’ divorce when my dad would take us to watch a film every Saturday.

*Sideline, I loved those Saturdays. He’d pick us up in the morning and we’d go watch a film, then have McDonalds for lunch. We saw “Mighty Joe Young” at the Odeon cinema in Plymouth; it was the first film I ever cried at! Also, when the new Vue cinema opened, my auntie worked there and she took us on a tour of the ‘gallery’ place where they put the films on. We watched the first half of “Tarzan” from the gallery, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Anyway. I’m cheating again today because it’s just too hard to pick one favourite film. I have a new favourite depending on my mood.

My top 5 movies [in no particular order] are:

Grease 2,


Mona Lisa Smile,

Little Women,

Walk the Line

What are yours?