Crazy dreamer

I just remembered the crazy dream that I had last night. I’m used to weird and wonderful dreams (for example, my friends being kidnapped by Korean Nazis while on their cruise holiday) but last night’s was pretty odd even by my standards.

It started off as a fairly normal dream, going to visit a waterpark… and I went on one of the slides which looks like this:

I’ve never even been on a slide like this because the drop in the middle freaks me out…but in the dream, down I went. As I dropped through the hole, instead of there being water underneath, there was another tube type slide, and I caught my shin on the lip of it as I went through.

The next bit of the dream took place on a farm, because that’s how my mind works.

So…in catching my shin on the lip of the slide, I somehow broke my leg…even in the dream I thought the bruise was scary and gross. Present were Dr Christian from Embarrassing Bodies, and the Doctor from Downton Abbey, and they were deciding how to treat my broken leg…and both felt that amputation below the knee was the best way to go.

Of course.

In the dream I got panicked and tried to tell them that my leg wasn’t broken…but I think both Dr Christian and I were in Downton Abbey times, so there wasn’t an Xray available.

Just as I was getting frantic in my dream (and probably talking quite a bit in actual life), in runs Dr Gustav Strandvik – who is someone I know from my church. He yells “Stop, stop!” and they (thankfully) listen…and then he proceeds to tell them that my leg is not broken, it’s not even bruised and he wipes all the bruise off my leg with a little white handkerchief.

And then I woke up.

Hands up if you think I’m insane?!


My dream home

Today my Sat Nav took me on a jolly little journey through the darkest depths of East Sussex…a very pleasant journey except for the fact that a roundtrip which is usually 94 miles and almost all 60mph limits turned out to be 128 miles through a series of tiny villages and most of the roads were limited to 30mph.

Annoying, and uncomfortable since it was HOT today and I drank my bottle of water within the first half hour.

However, it was BEAUTIFUL!

Driving through the lovely sunny East Sussex countryside and enjoying the gorgeous scenery and yummy smells (somehow one part of countryside managed to smell like fish and chips on a hot day!) was fairly nice, really, and on the way through one particular village I found my absolute dream home.

Wanna see it?



Do you think it’s big enough?!


Four months

Rosie and I have been living in our lovelylovely flat for four months today 🙂

In honour of the occasion, here are some photos of my BEAUTIFUL room which is FINALLY tidy since my OCD is flaring up. (Joke…I’m too lazy for OCD)

I like photos in my room…many many photos 🙂 Fortunately the previous people who lived here also liked to have stuff on the walls, so there are pre-existing nail holes which I’ve used. I’m on the look out for something to go over my bed, since that whole wall is pretty plain. I just got the white frame (the 8 photo one) this weekend, and I spent an hour or so yesterday finding the right photos for it. I think it looks pretty.

Speaking of pretty – look at these photos which I just found, I took them on my camera when we were on holiday:

I JUST LOVE THEM! I love the bold colours and the light on them. Mum got a bit annoyed with me at times, I think, because I figured out the “macro” mode and kept stopping to take photos of weird things and then zoooooooming in on them really closely. Like ladybugs – I have a whole bunch of ladybug photos saved on the computer at home. I’ll try and get Mum to send them to me, because they really are quite cool.

Get me, with all my photography talk. Such fun!