An evening in

Today was my first real Saturday in my house. Last weekend my mum was here and the weekend before my army of friends was helping me to move in. I was a little worried I’d go stir crazy by myself but I’ve actually had a grand day.

Granted I did see one friend and his girls as I discovered I’m too short to change the battery in my smoke alarm and it was going off all through the night last night. But that was just a short visit.

For the rest of the day I entertained myself! I went to the gym (and in the process discovered there is no quick way to walk there) and the library (2 new books!) And after lunch went to aldi to get some groceries.

My friend Karen is coming to afternoon tea tomorrow so after my aldi trip I made a cake. After all that I planned on sitting down with a cuppa and watching Grease 2…

However…I then got a sewing urge. 4 hours later I have made 2 skirts. The first was a bit of a flop as I followed the measurements on the pattern I found on Pinterest which were WRONG! But the second I did without a pattern, just making it up as I went along and I have to say I’m chuffed with the result!

You can’t tell but the fabric is actually a bedsheet that I got on sale. I think it’s a pretty pattern. It has 2 darts at the front to give it shape, french seams (cos I learned how to do them after watching The Great British Sewing Bee) and a zip at the back.

Yay me!! Another few Saturday evenings like this and I’ll have a whole new wardrobe!

Hope your Saturday was lovely too

Day 26: favourite clothing store

Back to the favourites 😦 Boo! I hate this!!

I don’t have a favourite store.

I like New Look and Peacocks, because they have nice, good quality clothes at reasonable prices. I’m still a seventeen year old at heart really.

I like Next because they have good, fitted work trousers that don’t make me look like an elephant OR a beanpole…as other stores do.

I like Primark because it’s cheap and cheerful and you can usually find one top that you like in three different colours, thus providing three whole outfits for about £12!!

I also like charity shop shopping, because it’s cheap, good for society and also because you can find some amazing bargains that other people have tossed out of their wardrobes.

Case in point: the skirt I wore today was £4 from a charity shop and it still had the label in!!

I also do online shopping, but that’s dangerous because I get carried away 😛

Where do you shop?


Day 20: Worst childhood item of clothing

Now, this is a tough subject since I was a nineties child – born in 1989 and therefore experiencing the wonderful phenomenon of hair scrunchies, side ponytails and leggings with feet straps.

I wanted to find photographic evidence of some of the horrific (but SO cool at the time) outfits that I’ve worn over the years…but thank goodness my Mum was too busy parenting us to take photos every second.

This a selection I’ve found…mostly I think that I look quite cute! My mum reckons that I haven’t changed at all, since I was about 4. Crazy.

A dress to match the carpet...a must have!


Funky green and yellow trousers - I was about three here


One word: headband

Feel free to comment and share your own fashion faux-pas!



New furniture is on its way!

I just bought a new wardrobe 🙂 Yay! Ever since I rearranged my bedroom furniture I’ve been very frustrated with my wardrobe…it leans, so that the doors don’t shut and the drawers won’t open (tricky situation) and I have no motivation to put my clothes away. (I’m not just lazy when it comes to laundry…really).

New bedroom furniture has been on my “list” since we moved in, because I knew it would eventually drive me nuts that nothing in my room matches…I didn’t really appreciate how soon that would be. Currently the next item on the list is a chest of drawers, since the bottoms of the drawers of the one I was given are falling out…not good, because it means the drawers stick. However, I’m hoping that since the new wardrobe is a four-door one (huge, I know!!) there will be space to hang up all my t-shirts etc so I can get out of the awful habit of just chucking them into the drawer.

Maybe now I’ll actually wear more than just 15% of my wardrobe!

This hasn’t been the most exciting post I’ve ever written. It’s been a really long weekend, but I’ll post about that later. Right now I have to go into town and hi