We went to the Zoo!

My mum and sister drove up to Canterbury yesterday, and are visiting until Friday. Since I was only able to get yesterday and today off of work, we have made the most of our time together.

Yesterday after Mum and Abigail arrived at around 2.30, Abigail stayed at my brother’s house with him and his girlfriend while Mum and I walked around Canterbury. I showed her Westgate Gardens and we walked along the river to the High Street and bought ice-cream. We also stopped off at  a gorgeous little cafe called Cafe St Pierre and bought some pastries. All their pastries are delivered from France early each morning, and at around 4pm they reduce lots of prices so they don’t have to throw them away – we bought a fruit tartelette, two slices of apple tart, an apricot-custard lattice and a pain au raisin, for 90p each! Bargain.

We also stopped at the new Marlowe Theatre and looked at all the programmes of the shows that I want to see. If I go and see everything, even purchasing the cheapest seats, it will cost me £187. I’m not sure if I can justify that expense…although the shows are spread out over several months (til next July in fact).

After our wander around we headed back to my brother’s house and had dinner with him and his girlfriend. She made a yummy spag bol with mixed fruit and our fruit pastries for dessert. We watched Tangled and Monsters Inc, then Mum and I walked back to my house, had a cup of tea and went to bed.

This morning I had a lie-in, then my brother and sister walked over to my house and the four of us went to Howlett’s Zoo near Canterbury. I’ve never been there before, despite living in Canterbury for almost 5 years. I never knew it was such an amazing place – I was imagining a tiny little farm type place, but they have had a great breeding programme for so many different animals – gorillas, elephants etc, there was so much to see!

So we did the zoo, and cooed and ahhed over the babies animals, then I dropped my brother and sister to my brother’s house (she is staying with him and Mum is staying with me) and Mum and I have been busy since – we went and picked blackberries from the hedges near the river, and Mum felt like doing some crafting so is half-way through making a very cute stuffed dog! Dinner is in the oven and we’re now sat down waiting for Downton Abbey to start.

After we’ve had dinner I’m going to make jam! Yay for ticking off two things from my Bucket List 🙂

Phew! That’s a lot to cram into just 30 or so hours!

I’m bummed that I have to work tomorrow, but Mum and Abigail will find stuff to occupy themselves and we’re going to plan something for the evening, before they leave on Friday morning. A whistle-stop tour, but lots of fun and family time which I’m very grateful for.



Bucket list update

Items completed:

travel abroad, get a tan – completed both of these with my holiday to Majorca

swim in the sea – also completed this in Majorca. Mum and I went on a boat trip to see some lovely sea caves, and at the half-way point they stop the boat at this lagoon type place so you can all jump off into the sea. Yes, I jumped off a boat and swam in the Mediterannean!

The water was beautiful, so blue and clear! (Apart from the odd little fish). It was lovely and cool as well which was needed after sitting in the sun on the deck for the morning. Mum and I both swam for as long as we were allowed, and it cooled me right down. Definitely a fun experience

Spend a day at the beach – we spent a whole day on sun loungers underneath a wicker type sun-shade on Cala Bona beach. It was about 2 minutes from our hotel and was lovely, the sea breeze from the ocean kept us cool and the clear blue sunny skies perfected my tan 🙂 And the best thing was that there were no bugs on the beach to bite me!

Grow something – before I went away I had a little gardening spree, and planted tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, carrots and peas. The carrots and peas are from seed, and the others are from baby plants I got at the garden centre. I was amazed when I got home and found that I have a mini-allotment on my teeny balcony which isn’t even a real balcony! I have a pepper which was 1cm when I bought the plant, and now it’s about 6inches long!! I’m so impressed with it. Sadly I can’t take a photo as my camera has gone awol but I’ll figure it out somehow.


All in all, not a bad start to the Bucket List challenge and still about six weeks to go