Nephew approaching…

My sister and brother-in-law are expecting a baby boy in May… eek! This weekend was Rebecca’s baby shower, and as such I did a totally mad dash down to Devon so I could be there. 10 hours driving (5 hours each way) for 19 hours of family time, but it was worth it!

I had a Ladies Conference at church on the Saturday morning, which I had committed to doing the decor for months ago, which meant I couldn’t leave Canterbury until 3pm. I got to Mum’s at 8pm, surprising Rebecca, Simeon and Abigail who were all there and who all had ZERO idea that I was coming. My mum has devious stealth secret keeping skills.

The actual shower wasn’t until 3pm on Sunday so I had a chilled out Sunday morning at home – walked the dog in the countryside, it was bright and sunny and WARM (no coat needed!) and then made scones for the party.

We had so much fun… littlest auntie Jessica loved being centre of the attention nd helped with leading all of the games. She is excited about the bay, although woe betide you if you call her Auntie to her face … being an auntie at 6 years old is apparently pretty overwhelming so she has decided to be his “special friend” instead.

This is just a quick post to share some photos… Rebecca’s friend Bethan and our sister Abigail did an amazing job with planning and I think everyone had a really good time, even if the games were a bit mental (toilet paper nappies and baby food tasting, bleh)



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