New seasons

First off, let me start by saying that I love summer. I love the heat, the sunshine, the ability to wear skirts without tights, flip flops  instead of boots, short sleeves instead of cardies.

BUT I also love when summer becomes autumn… The sun setting a little earlier, the temperature dropping a few degrees. It makes me think of scarves and leaves and warm fires.

(Of course, there’s the ever present British rainfall but that’s an inevitability about which I have given up complaining. I’m grateful for weather that grows our food so well)

Anyway, I like seasons turning from one to another. One of my favourite verses is from Ecclesiastes 3 – “for everything there is a season”

I love that truth. Everything, good or bad, ugly, stressful, messy or confusing, has a season.

I’ve been walking through a season of stress and change again recently – moving from house to house. I thought that after 13 moves I wouldn’t get stressed this time, but I did- very. It was emotionally draining to pack up, move, unpack. I’m unsure at what point might I feel confident to give away the packing boxes, as in the past it seems that no sooner have I passed boxes on, then I’ve needed them again!

But moving is a season and renting is (probably) a season and at some point in my life I will hopefully enter a season of home ownership which will being its own griefs and complications, as well of course as its joys.

I’ve also walked through a season of emotional trauma and recovery. I actually (thought I) posted about this a while ago but when I checked I found several (supposedly) published posts languishing in my draft folder, so I’ll try and get around to posting those soon too.

Dealing with post traumatic stress and anxiety was a hard season Рbut one that has passed, thanks to counselling,  supportive people, and an appropriate medication. I feel that I grew significantly more in that season than I have yet realised, which may sound strange or it may not Рbut for me, making myself vulnerable was the catalyst for significant change and so I think that my PTSD season Рwhile horrible Рwas also a blessing and breakthrough time.

So here we are now. September. Today at work we were discussing Halloween events (yuck) and planning ahead to Christmas (glory!!)

There is a lot to look ahead to and plan for, but for now I think I am anticipating a season of rest and peace and enjoying the Lord for a while

Oh, and cutting off half my hair … that too


9 inch plait, donated to Little Princess Trust
9 inch plait, donated to Little Princess Trust