bear with…

Remember those overdue posts I promised? Well, they are on the way… but we have had no broadband since moving into our new flat.

Not for want of trying. I have spent approximately seventeen hundred hours on the phone with customer service, technical support, network engineers and the complaint department from our provider, whom I won’t name but I will tell you it sounds like “walkwalk”

Today we came home to the absolute joy that is a green light indicating that broadband has indeed come to our little home, but alas our jubilant Facebook and Instagram posts were short lived when we tried Netflix and the signal promptly disappeared. It came back, then it disappeared. It came again, then it went again.

Oh woe is me, oh woe, oh woe.

Of course I realise how ridiculous it is to be this desperate for broadband but please remember I live with a secondary school teacher who needs broadband for lesson planning resources, plus I usually spend a large portion of my working week at home in between visits to foster parents / various meetings so without broadband I have had to spend a lot more time in the car returning to the office to work – and this in turn has resulted in less actual time available for work!

(No wonder I feel slightly frazzled this month)

For now, it is working. Who knows how long this will last so until proper service is restored, bear with…………


New seasons

First off, let me start by saying that I love summer. I love the heat, the sunshine, the ability to wear skirts without tights, flip flops  instead of boots, short sleeves instead of cardies.

BUT I also love when summer becomes autumn… The sun setting a little earlier, the temperature dropping a few degrees. It makes me think of scarves and leaves and warm fires.

(Of course, there’s the ever present British rainfall but that’s an inevitability about which I have given up complaining. I’m grateful for weather that grows our food so well)

Anyway, I like seasons turning from one to another. One of my favourite verses is from Ecclesiastes 3 – “for everything there is a season”

I love that truth. Everything, good or bad, ugly, stressful, messy or confusing, has a season.

I’ve been walking through a season of stress and change again recently – moving from house to house. I thought that after 13 moves I wouldn’t get stressed this time, but I did- very. It was emotionally draining to pack up, move, unpack. I’m unsure at what point might I feel confident to give away the packing boxes, as in the past it seems that no sooner have I passed boxes on, then I’ve needed them again!

But moving is a season and renting is (probably) a season and at some point in my life I will hopefully enter a season of home ownership which will being its own griefs and complications, as well of course as its joys.

I’ve also walked through a season of emotional trauma and recovery. I actually (thought I) posted about this a while ago but when I checked I found several (supposedly) published posts languishing in my draft folder, so I’ll try and get around to posting those soon too.

Dealing with post traumatic stress and anxiety was a hard season Рbut one that has passed, thanks to counselling,  supportive people, and an appropriate medication. I feel that I grew significantly more in that season than I have yet realised, which may sound strange or it may not Рbut for me, making myself vulnerable was the catalyst for significant change and so I think that my PTSD season Рwhile horrible Рwas also a blessing and breakthrough time.

So here we are now. September. Today at work we were discussing Halloween events (yuck) and planning ahead to Christmas (glory!!)

There is a lot to look ahead to and plan for, but for now I think I am anticipating a season of rest and peace and enjoying the Lord for a while

Oh, and cutting off half my hair … that too


9 inch plait, donated to Little Princess Trust
9 inch plait, donated to Little Princess Trust