Foster care fortnight #2

This is part two of a blog series in support of Foster Care Fortnight 2015, an amazing week of fostering awareness, and will be posting every weekday over the next two weeks on a different topic relating to foster care. The fortnight is aimed at encouraging more people to step forward and apply to foster – I hope this series does the same.


When I was younger I had all kinds of dreams about my future. When I was 10, I was convinced I was going to be Prime Minister. When I was 13, I was going to be a barrister. Later in my teens I thought I’d be a teacher…until God showed me social work.

No matter what I wanted to do, though, there was a common thread – at all times, I knew I could do it. Why? Because throughout my whole life, people have told me I could.

I have had so many opportunities in my life – opportunities for education, to try new things and discover talents and interests. I have a mum who encouraged all my aspirations (even, probably the crazy ones I had when I was five!) I have always known that I have doors open to me, people who will help me to succeed …and people who will love me even if I fail.

Did you know that statistically, a fostered child is more likely to go to prison than to go to university? Isn’t that sad? And unfair? But it’s true. So many children see no doors open to them, and cannot bring themselves to hope to achieve. Many of those who do have aspirations will then have very few people they trust enough to share their aspirations with, meaning that there is not anyone who can support them to achieve their goals.

Fostered children deserve every opportunity that I had…that you probably had. They have been through so much in life that they find it hard to accept that. Part of the foster parent role is to find out what they dream for, and search for opportunities for them to achieve it.


views expressed in this post are wholly my own

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