Things that go bump in the night....

That picture is of my naughty car, which decided to roll itself down a hill sometime on Friday night regardless of the fact that the handbrake was on!!

Fortunately it’s a short, gentle hill so it didn’t pick up to much speed as it made it’s way down the road and *fortunately* there were conveniently placed railings and a sturdy box hedge for it to bounce off

Unfortunately the railings it bumped into belong to a sweet old lady whose dead husband designed them and had them hand-made… (in other words they’re expensive) and even more unfortunately, all this happened on my mum’s new street and she only moved in 2 weeks ago!!

Talk about terrible neighbours. We were the talk of the estate. Sad.

My car is fine, and there are no issues with the handbrake so we can’t see how or why it failed. I think that makes it worse actually; knowing it’s possible now makes me nervous. So I’m looking for a new one….and oh what a task that is. But more on that another day, maybe


I turned 25 two days ago, on the 2nd June.I had a lovely birthday, but the two days since have been full of stress and worry and anxiety. What’s worse is that I have completely let it overwhelm me. I had a panic attack yesterday (and one last week) which freaked me out as it’s been years since that last happened.

I just feel completely swamped and crushed under the weight of a whole lot of responsibility at work.

But my God is bigger. I don’t quite know how to resolve this heavy feeling in my heart without Him. All I can do is draw close and wait for His help. I know He will respond, because He loves me