a little bird in a little cage

a little bird in a little cage

Years ago during a prayer time God gave me a picture to help me understand my life. It was of a little bird in a little cage, a beautiful gilded cage.

Everyone could see and admire the bird, and the bird could see the world outside…but always the cage separated them

At that time God showed me that when I accepted Him into my heart and was saved, it was like the door of that little cage opening and the bird being set free.

BUT in my life, even though the door was open, the little bird wouldn’t fly out of her cage because the world around her was too scary; the wind mmight blow too hard, the people might not like her colours or her song, a fierce cat might hurt her.

And so this little birdie stayed in her cage, afraid.

Over the years God has given me the strength to overcome those fears and in certain situations, I feel so confident putting myself out there. I love these times.

At others though, I feel like I’m stood at the door of the cage willing myself to step out and yet I stay completely still – or worse, retreat to the back of the cage where no one can hurt me.

I hate this fear if man that is still in me.

No matter how much Scripture I read, or how many times I pray about it sometimes I feel so overwhelmed I could just bawl. Except I wouldn’t because even showing that weakness makes me fearful.

These are the things I think of late at night. I know the only place to go is the Cross. I know that Jesus’ blood freed me from sin and death. But I still feel captive and I don’t really know, at this precise moment, where to go from here.

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. (Galatians 5:1)


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