we went to Canada…

we went to Canada...

On Sunday this week we took a trip to Yarrow, British Colombia, CANADA! Rachel used to live in this town when she was younger and we stayed with the Bournes, her family friends. We drove up on Sunday night and it took 7 hours, and stayed til Tuesday. It took us 9 hours to drive home since we hit Seattle at rush hour! (But that was fine since Rachel got a great shot of the Space Needle for me!)

We had a great time in Canada. After Rachel and David and the kids went to see her Grandpa in his nursing home, we went to a cool little town called Harrison Hot Springs which is named for this little hot spring…except you can’t see the Spring.

We walked around this little lake, and I took this picture of the amazing mountain! It was a great walk, I talked with Hopey about the Queen and the Royal family and she told me all about how Rachel and David set up this sweet surprise for her so she could watch the Royal Wedding when it happened. She knows tons about William and Kate and Prince George!

After our walk we got coffee and hot chocolate, and then went home to Auntie Rosie’s to watch Frozen!

I am amazed by Auntie Rosie’s hospitality! She had all seven of us to stay for two days and she was so unstressed! She made amazing breakfasts and dinners, and made cookies and muffins, and just was so full of the joy of the Lord! I want to be like her when I grow up.

We got home late last night and it has rained all day today so we have watched movies, Rachel and I both had some Bible time, and some Pinterest time, I did some writing with Lily, and played Dobble with Sunday.

Tonight David is away at a conference so Rachel and I are having a girl’s night with takeout and a movie! Exciting!

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