2 opportunities

Today was like any other day. I was stressed out. I had that horrible knotted, tense feeling in my tummy that I get when I have several dozen things to do all very urgently, and not enough time to do them in.

Most stressful was this huge response document I have been working on, for an important case. I had a 19 different points to respond to, and it was all going fairly well until point 14, where I had to track down an email from March last year.

I couldn’t find it.

I searched the proper file, as it would have been printed off and filed. It wasn’t there. I checked all of the “sent items” mailboxes on our office computers. It wasn’t there. In a moment of panic I remembered that in April we updated our main computer – our main mailbox – and in the process lost lots of sent emails. My email. My very important email. I could have cried.

In my despair I prayed silently that I would find it. [I know it’s *just* an email, but it’s pretty vital for this case I am working on]

But then a colleague suggested I check my manager’s computer – the only computer in the office I hadn’t checked, because it is so rare for me to use it. But my colleague reminded me that my manager was off sick in March last year, and due to having students with us, and not enough computers, I spent several weeks working at her desk.

I checked. It was there. I could have cried.

Not even kidding, I bounced around the office like Tigger with a sugar rush, I was so happy.
excited Tigger
I told every single colleague that I had found my email. Some of them didn’t know I was looking, but were very pleased for me nonetheless. In my joy I said “Praise God” and promptly got some funny looks. My colleagues know I’m a Christian but I don’t usually say things like that.

I’m more of a witness by actions, than words. (Cop out, yes, but true)

So they looked at me, and I thought “oh. What do I say now?!” And I just simply said “I prayed and now I found it”. My colleagues smiled, and that was it.

Opportunity knocked and I answered.

And then…

later in the day, I was in the Admin office with my lovely colleague who I really like because she is just lovely, and my other equally lovely colleague was there too. I don’t remember what I did/said that prompted it, but lovely colleague #1 asked me “Sarah, are you always just really nice?” I had to think about it. Because I don’t think I am.

I get stroppy, and frustrated, and I think mean things (even though I don’t always say them), and lately I have been very gossipy, and I get grumpy and impatient when I am stressed out, and I can definitely be a Mean Girl (if only in my head)


But I try not to and I say sorry to God (and others if needed) when I don’t act in a way that honours Him (or them)

So I answered honestly: I try to be nice, but I don’t always manage it. They asked if I got angry and just wanted to shout and swear at people, and I explained that’s how I used to be before I became a Christian.

Then my sweet colleagues were ever so sweet and said lots of lovely things that I’m not going to type out because it makes me sound big-headed.

So today I had two simple opportunities to share my faith and trust in my Saviour, and on my drive home I thanked God for the difference in me now, knowing him, compared to before I became a Christian.

And that’s all I wanted to share today


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