This was never meant to be a “monthly posts only” blog, but it seems like that’s what’s happened. I know I say it in every post but I really am trying to do better,  and post regularly but it’s not happening. 

Maybe in March I’ll find a blog challenge to do, to encourage me to write more. Sometimes I just don’t want to write because life can feel monotonous and no one wants to read that! 



But anyway…here I am now. 




February has been…wait for it…BUSY!

I wonder if “busy” actually applies in my life,  or if it’s just the status quo for me and I shouldn’t expect it to be anything but.




I am enjoying it…but can’t say I’m not looking forward to having two and a half weeks off next month (25 days to go! )



Last weekend I went back to Plymouth for a flying visit. Jonathan and I left at 1 on Saturday afternoon (as I was babysitting on Friday night and Saturday morning) and it took 3 hours to travel 20 miles thanks to the weather and road closures. Frustration! 


So we got home late evening,  to mum’s new house,  and on Sunday we spent the day cleaning her old house. That’s the main reason I went down,  to help with moving stuff,  as mum has found it really difficult. This is just a temporary move as their house is unlivable due to lots of issues which the landlady won’t fix…but it was making mum and abigail ill so they’re staying in a friend’s rental house for now.  The only difficulty with that is it’s a furnished house,  and mum has her own furniture too! So I had to use my mad skillz in Tetris / tessellation and managed to make it look more like a home than a furniture shop.



We were meant to leave on Monday afternoon, but overnight on Sunday I came down with a stomach bug and had agonising tummy ache, felt really sick,  and had a fever too. So I wasn’t able to drive back and just napped all day, and poor Jonathan went back on the coach. 


On Tuesday I felt a bit better. Probably still not well enough to drive, but I needed to get back to work so I just had to grin and bear it really. Towards the end of the journey I was so fed up and frustrated and ready to be home! But when I got here I felt poorly and I missed my mum taking care of me! 


I’ve since come down with a cold,  but I don’t mind so long as I get all poorliness out of the way before I go on holiday next month. Last year I had a cold my first few days in the states and I hated not feeling well and missing out. 


Today I am going to our church’s new 3rd site (Canterbury North) which I am excited about as it’s new and quite different.  But I should really get out of bed, and washed and dressed, and have breakfast. Start the Day!





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