this is my week

My sister Abigail wqs admitted to hospital yesterday to have her next (and hopefully final) cancer treatment; radio iodine therapy. Fortunately she is due home tonight tomorrow as she has been in isolation since 4pm yesterday and I don’t like it. We can see her for 60 minutes each per day but as she is radioactive we have to wear the full gear you can see in the photo. Cap, face mask, apron, gloves and shoe covers. It’s boiling and uncomfortable but worth it to see Abigail.

So glad she’s due out tomorrow. All being well she will be discharged from the service by Christmas! Cancer free!


today I felt good

I’m posting a “selfie” today…not because it is the official ‘word of the year’ according to the Oxford English Dictionary (who may have actually lost their minds)…but because today I felt very good about myself, and I wanted to post it for’posterity’ so that on days when I don’t feel so good, I will remember.

Also I got my hair cut today and have a week off from work which may or may not have something to do with this sudden joy.