This time last week the temperature was in the high twenties. It was sunny every day, with blue skies and hardly any clouds. I’ve been sleeping with just a thin cover for the past month because it’s just been too warm!

This week, though, it’s dropped about 15 degrees…it’s grey…it’s raining…it’s cloudy…it makes me want to stay in bed all day. I’ve got a thick quilt and a blanket on my bed, and right now I’m wearing proper fluffy socks AND my dressing gown, and I still feel a bit chilly.

On top of the weather change, I’ve had a cold! How rubbish. Quite amazing that it’s only the second time this year that I’ve been poorly…but that doesn’t really help when you can’t breathe and get exhausted just from being.

Today has been day 5 and I feel a bit more human again – but the past few days have been grotty.

Back to normal blogging when I’m properly well



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