I quit…

Yes. I am quitting my supposed August blog challenge. Sorry.

I think I was a bit over-ambitious in choosing August to commit to blogging every day. Usually it would be a good month…it’s summer after all, and usually things slow down a little (lot) but this year seems to be an exception;

This is because my work is awaiting our 3 yearly Ofsted Inspection. We think they will come unannounced, because we have never had this – but we may get some notice. Either way, we think they have to come by September 10th as that was when our last report was issued… so we are on tenterhooks trying to ensure that we are prepared for it.

Last time, in 2010, we were good with outstanding features. This year we are really gunning for OUTSTANDING because that would be AMAZING.

Of course, striving for a greater “grade” means lots of hard work. We have scrutinised our previous report to work out where we ‘let ourselves down’ (I say “we” … I was having my tonsils out at the time we were being inspected, but never mind)

It’s made a little more complicated, due to the fact that it’s August and everyone is trying to take their holiday and also because my manager is due to go on Maternity Leave on the 30th.

Add that pressure to the fact that I have worked 65 hours’ Overtime in the past 2 months and you might understand why I am a little frazzled.

And so, that is why it is not the best idea for me to try and do a blog challenge. On my free nights I just want to rest without pressure to do anything, and on the evenings when I am out of the house, I cannot find time to blog.

There we have it.

I am aiming to be less stressed in the next few weeks. I have booked a week off from Weds 22nd and that will be just glorious. A week in Plymouth, going to see Sense and Sensibility at an outdoor theatre, and just not having to do very much.

Won’t that be lovely


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