DAY 3 & 4

I’m really not doing very well at this “blog post per day” malarkey, am I?

Day 3: A book you love

Oh heavens, where do I start?! There are so many books I love. I almost typed “too many” then, but I corrected it because I really don’t think you can every read too many books. Books are heavenly. If I wasn’t a reader, I don’t know who I would be. Books have shaped my character so much – I grew up devouring books!

My mum used to make us sit on the stairs if we were naughty (at some points all four of us were on the stairs…a few steps apart so we couldn’t kick each other, you know) But in one house we lived in this was great for me, because it was a staircase that went round corners and there was a big step where we kept a bookcase. If I got sent to the stairs for punishment, more likely than not I’d end up reading a book or two whilst I waited to be ‘released’

So you see, this topic is very difficult for me, because to choose just one book sort of goes against my nature. But if I had to choose, it would be Little Women, by Louisa May Allcott. (But I’m cheating slightly because I love the trilogy – they come together, as a set and I will not choose one over the others)

I feel like this is my “go to” book – I can read it time and time and again, and I love it the same every time. It never gets boring (although I do skip the chapter where the sisters act out a Christmas play with their friends, since that’s not really essential to the story after the first five or six times you read it!)

I love Little Women (and the sequels: Good Wives, and Little Men) for so many reasons.

I love Jo, the main protagonist for her feisty character and headstrong ways, I love Meg because she tries so hard to fulfil her role as the oldest girl and be an example – but lets the side down a few times (particularly in Good Wives). I love Beth, quiet and gentle Beth because who can help but love her – and I even love silly little Amy because some of the things that she says are quite profound and deep down she has a good heart underneath all her annoying ways (although I will never forgive the author for pairing Laurie off with Amy. Even though Jo is so wonderfully happy with the Professor in the later books, I despair everytime I read the sections where Laurie and Amy fall in love – because it should be Jo!

I love Marmee because she’s everything and more – wise, gentle, kind, strong, loving, nurturing… and I love Mr March too, even though he isn’t around for most of the first book, because when he does come home to his girls he is perfection.

I could go on and on, but I won’t (because I have bread rising and if I get too carried away it will all go wrong) so I will just say that if you have never read Little Women, you are absolutely missing out – and if you haven’t read the sequels (both of them!) then you absolutely must.

Your character will be better for it.  

Day 4: Bullet [point] your entire day

Well, the day is not quite over yet… but I’ll share what I’ve been up to so far

  • Woke up at 7.30am and listened to Good Morning Sunday on Radio 2, checked Postsecret and Facebook and all the other very exciting and important things on my phone
  • 8.00am  – got up and had a bath
  • 8.30am – had breakfast (congratulations to Lidl for making the worst breakfast cereal ever) and watched last night’s Casualty on IPlayer (Karen Thatcher, don’t you judge me)
  • 9.35am – left for church…
  • 9.45am – arrived at church!
  • 10am – 12pm – church 🙂 We have a great sermon from Derek Reynolds, about the plagues in Eqypt (Let my people go…you’ve surely seen the Prince of Egypt) and how when things ‘plague’ us in our lives or when we suffer, it can be hard to worship – but why we should do so anyway
  • 12.30pm – home and made lunch – grilled chicken with sweet potato chips and a courgette/celery/tomato salad – which was yummy, and which I ate in my garden whilst reading “The Storyteller”. Thisi s Jodi Picoult’s new book…and I am enjoying it so far. I was disappointed with her last two so in a way am giving her one more chance…!
  • 1.30 – did some gardening. I bought plants yesterday using a voucher that my Mum gave me for my birthday. I now have a lovely sunflower, some purple verbena, marigolds, 2 strawberry plants,  and also a pink flower that is very pretty but I have no idea what it is. Go figure.
  • 2.30pm – Wrote in my “thankfulness book”. This is something that our small group are doing together; like in the book “1000 gifts” or the song “10000 reasons”. We are all “counting our blessings” and recording them in little books, for a year.
  • After that I decided I wanted to make bread. In between stages I’ve been sitting in my garden, reading and listening to music. I love that I still get my WiFi in my garden. It’s beautiful, sitting here in the afternoon sun listening to the Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack or worship music. I am blessed

And now it’s 4.07pm and I need to go and put my loaf of bread (organic spelt loaf…actually) in the oven, so I’ll sign off by saying that I will try to do better and actually post day 5 tomorrow!


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