Getting a brother-in-law

At last, some of the pictures from my sister Rebecca’s wedding! My new brother in law is Simeon and we like him a lot 🙂 We had a great day, even though it rained a fair amount in the afternoon. Fortunately we bridesmaids had matching umbrellas to look stylish! It looked totally planned. These aren’t in order…because it has taken SO long to even get them posted that I’m not going to risk playing around with them.

My sister and brother in law!

Jessica loved our bridesmaids’ “bouquets” – a wand, rather than a bouquet. She used it like a sword for a lot of the day.

This is my new favourite picture of Jessica. She looks so thoughtful. I love that I have little blondie sister.

All six of us – Callum, Abigail, Rebecca, Jessica, me and Jonathan

All the bridesmaids together – Rebecca had her two best girl friends from Uni, her best friend from school, and Abigail and I.

Mum and Rebecca

Mum, Rebecca and Simeon

Quick shot during the ceremony

Rebecca and the ‘maids!

Signing the register

AAALLLLL the siblings! Simeon is one of 4, and there are 6 of us…pretty intimidating!

Our family and Simeon’s family

Rebecca and the children – our sister Jessica, and Simeon’s cousins

Rebecca and bridesmaids again…no umbrellas this time!

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