Something big happened today!

The “Royal baby” – a boy, as yet unnamed – was born this afternoon, on the hottest day for 7 years. I’m fairly sure the Press will make something of that.

I have been so excited about this Baby – not in an unhealthy way, but in an “I love that we have a Monarchy and think that William and Kate are great for Britain” kind of way.

I’ve already seen tweets from people getting annoyed that he isn’t a she…that is, that the new Third in line to the throne is a boy, not a girl – for those who don’t know, a new law passed last year means that the first-born is automatically the heir regardless of gender – so if he had been a she, then the UK would have had a Queen-in-waiting for the first time ever (rather than a Queen by “default” because someone couldn’t produce a boy)

But do you know what I think of those idiotic tweeters? (Clue right there) I think that they are horrible, selfish and small-minded people. And that’s all I have to say about them.

I am absolutely delighted – and definitely on the side of those who think that the Royals are brilliant for the UK. Just look at all the celebrations in 2011 for the Royal Wedding, in 2012 for the 60th Jubilee, and now in 2013 for the Royal Baby.

I feel like Harry needs to get engaged or something so that 2014 has some excitement too!