Happy Sunday

Well, I was hoping that tonight would be a merry blog-posting evening where I could upload the hundreds of photos that I have from recent months; thus updating you (dear readers) on events in my life and at the same time freeing up some of the memory on my phone.

But alas, alack…the “smart-phone” is not so smart. Or maybe it’s the laptop…but either way, the photos are refusing to upload to my computer and so it has not been a merry-blog posting evening for me.

Just one post tonight…and I am fairly out of ideas / things to say.

It has been a very hot weekend – the hottest of the year so far. Right now I have all my upstairs windows open, hoping that the cooler evening air will mean I can get to sleep better tonight.

Yesterday we  (Simon, Faith, Debbie and I) went to Westgate Beach – along with several hundred other people. By the time we got our picnic and settled down for reading/naps it was about 2pm…and about 20 minutes later when I looked up, the sea was only about 1 metre away! Talk about the wrong time for high tide! We had all thought the tide was going out, since the sand on the beach was wet but apparently Westgate beach never really dries. Who knew?!

So we hastily packed up our stuff and walked around the bay to another beach, and then when that got a bit too hot we went up the cliff onto a lawned area and chilled out there in the breeze. Then, of course, we wanted ice creams so we walked back down to the promenade and then back around the bay to the car. It was a lovely afternoon, if not quite what we had planned!

What else have I been up to in this past fortnight… Well.

I have been enjoying my gym membership a lot more since I figured out that if I go before work I can have a 30 minute workout, a shower and blowdry my hair, and still get to the office for 9am! Which always makes me feel very accomplished. I still feel a bit awkward showering at the gym…but I’m getting over it. Hardly anyone is at the gym that early anyway.

Another thing which is making me feel good is all the healthy, summer food that I’ve been having. When I went back to Devon for the wedding, I picked up my lunch box which I had left at mum’s by mistake. I really like my lunchbox (is that a sad thing to say?) It has three compartments – one has it’s own lid so you can separate your main lunch from the other two compartments, which are for snacks. The past two weeks I have had a salad for my “main lunch” with lettuce or (raw) green cabbage, celery, cucumber and pepper, and sometimes sugar snap peas. Next week I have some tomatoes as a treat(!) In my snacky sections I either have carrot sticks or grapes, and either a tortilla wrap or a packet of Morrisons’ not-quavers-but-they-are-exactly-the-same.

Salads just make you feel so healthy, don’t they? I never fancy hot food in this weather and it’s so nice to have crunchy veggies to munch on.

Another exciting – perhaps more exciting than my lunch – is that the Canterbury Foodbank has a new venue. I volunteer at the Foodbank every Tuesday evening, with my small group from church. We pack the food parcels which get given out to those who need them on the distribution coffee mornings.

Up until the end of last month, all the food was stored in a garage-sized building attached to a local church. However the church has had to move venues which meant they could no longer provide a space for Foodbank.

Amazingly though, a local school (a very prestigious, private boarding school – actually) has offered a space that is over 1000 sq ft, absolutely free, for an entire year. The school has bought an old building next to its sports ground but development of the building won’t happen until at least summer 2014…so in the meantime, Foodbank has been given a section of the ground floor for food storage and packing.

The space is seriously INCREDIBLE. God is SO good. Before, all of the food was crammed into the shelves and there were huge stacks of crates filled with tins that had more advanced sell-by-dates on them. Now we have a space where the 2013 food is, where we pack, and there is another space for the food with longer sell-by dates, so that they stay separate, AND there is a space where all the donations go into and are counted/categorised/checked.

I wish there were more photos on the Foodbank website, because my rambly description doesn’t do it justice. I’ll have to take some on Tuesday and try again to get them uploaded onto here.

I think that’s about it for my fortnight’s update. I really need to get back into the swing of blogging, I feel like over the summer there is so much more to be out there doing that it is harder to spend time writing about it! I do, however, have this week off (apart from tomorrow when I am barricading myself in my office with my mammoth stack of typing!!) so maybe there will be a slew of blog posts then.




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