So, lots of things have happened in the past month. LOTS of things. I have been a bit busy, to say the least, but have had the last two weeks as Annual Leave. I have worked pretty non-stop since I got back from my holiday to the USA – often staying late or taking work home with me. I am owed a lot of time off in lieu!

Still, my Annual Leave has been pretty jam-packed – since my sister got married last weekend and we did lots of hen party/bridesmaid/wedding prep in the first week of my leave, and the second week has just been chilling out, watching Wimbledon, getting involved in some Village events (yes, really) and spending time with my family (sans now-married sister who is on honeymoon) There have also been lots of cuddles with my dog 🙂

I will do a proper blog about the wedding, and about other things, when I am back in Canterbury and have time. It sounds silly to say I don’t have time – but seeing as this is my holiday I’d rather spend time doing things than blogging about them. No offence. Plenty of time for blogging when I’m back in Canterbury.

See you then



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