I am always astounded when God gives opportunities me to talk to people about Him. Today I was talking to my colleague about how good I am at packing up to move, and somehow an hour later I was sharing about my childhood/teenage years and how God saved me. It was amazing!

It honestly started off by talking about my mad packing “skillz” – we are looking at moving our agency offices to a new location and we are all excited about packing things up. I told my colleague (let’s call her Beth because typing “my colleague” will get very annoying) how much I like sorting/labelling/tidying. “Beth” joked that she needed me to come and sort her house out, with all her kids’ toys etc and I explained that my tidying/organising side first came out when my mum and I would sort out all our toys/clothes and things for 50/50 sales at a local church (like a boot sale but 50% of what you make gets donated to the church)

“Beth” then asked me if my mum went to church…and it all went from there! After an hour of talking, openly about my life, I left to go out on a visit and I was just so struck by the things I had shared with her. I love how God provides such great opportunities to share what He has done in my life. Even though I am a sinner and screw up so many times, He continually gives me chances to talk about Him and in doing so I am reminded of what He has done – how far He has brought me and His complete and utter love and grace in my life.

I am so thankful that I got to share with Beth today – simple things that show how powerful, merciful and loving God is.

So, rather than type it all out in a blog post I am adding a little tab to my blog – one just for my testimony. I already have an “about me” but that’s all random stuff like favourite colour or place etc.

The testimony tab will be about my favourite thing of all – my favourite person – Jesus. Feel free to have a read – or not. I hope that me sharing this will bring you a little closer to knowing how AMAZING God really is.