Fit Brain vs Lazy Brain

This morning when I was getting ready for work, I packed my gym back and chucked it in the car – because my Fit Brain said that I spend £30/month on membership and haven’t been in the past 3 weeks because of my holiday. Whilst doing this I ignored Lazy Brain who said “You’re jetlagged! Come straight home after work and slob about”

Throughout the day, Fit Brain and Lazy Brain had a somewhat interesting debate about my evening plans. It went something like this:

FB – you need to work out…it’s been almost 3 weeks!

LB – seriously, you don’t! Jammies and a movie, that’s what you need

FB – you want to work out

LB – you’re stupid

FB – I win!

LB – but…you left your work phone at home and you’re on call tonight

FB – you can go and get it on the way home

LB – it’s not on the way home…why not just go home and do the gym tomorrow?

FB – no, pick up the phone and go to the gym afterwards

LB – I’ll say it again, you’re jetlagged!

FB – but doing some exercise will be helpful, it will tire you out for the night so you sleep better.

LB – drat science. But! You didn’t shave your legs!

FB – shoot

LB – victory!

FB – Wait! When you go home to collect your phone, pick up your footless tights and wear those. No-one will know that you’re hairier than a yeti in mid-winter

LB – please don’t make me go to the gym

FB – just go to the gym you lazy bum


Which brain do you think won?!