I had a number of potential blog posts to write today, but they all seem to have disappeared into the ether of my mind.

Isn’t it strange how thoughts can suddenly pop into your head…and then disappear before you get to act on them? Strange, and annoying.

Now, I have nothing to say of consequence. I have spent the weekend “getting stuff done” – returning library books, going to the gym, sorting out dollars for my trip, and petrol money for the 2 kind friends who are being lovely and driving me to/from the airport, buying some new clothes, doing lots *and lots* of laundry, tidying my room, hanging out with Rosie, hanging out with other friends, going to see a potential new flat (a no-go), church, and renewing my car breakdown cover.


Yesterday I was so exhausted I was falling asleep by 7pm. But of course, I went to bed early and then woke up at 1am – and couldn’t get back to sleep for another hour!! Muchos irritating.

This evening I’ve spent a couple of hours sorting out all my clothes, and packing for my holiday. My big suitcase is all ready, and my carry-on is done apart from my wash bag. The only things I need now are: books, Bibles, and my handbag – with passport, tickets, money etc…and I need to book my Shuttle from the airport but that’s it!

I feel sleepy. Tomorrow I’m at work; starting my new 5-days-a-week position. I think I picked a bad time to up my days: the week before going on a holiday when I’m also looking for a new place to live and would benefit from an extra day to house-visit…but oh well; it will all be fine.

Off to watch Call The Midwife now; my Sunday evening relaxation. I often cry, but I think that’s part of its’ charm!

Have a good week!! My next blog post will probably come to you straight from Salem, Oregon 🙂


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