Fit Brain vs Lazy Brain

This morning when I was getting ready for work, I packed my gym back and chucked it in the car – because my Fit Brain said that I spend £30/month on membership and haven’t been in the past 3 weeks because of my holiday. Whilst doing this I ignored Lazy Brain who said “You’re jetlagged! Come straight home after work and slob about”

Throughout the day, Fit Brain and Lazy Brain had a somewhat interesting debate about my evening plans. It went something like this:

FB – you need to work out…it’s been almost 3 weeks!

LB – seriously, you don’t! Jammies and a movie, that’s what you need

FB – you want to work out

LB – you’re stupid

FB – I win!

LB – but…you left your work phone at home and you’re on call tonight

FB – you can go and get it on the way home

LB – it’s not on the way home…why not just go home and do the gym tomorrow?

FB – no, pick up the phone and go to the gym afterwards

LB – I’ll say it again, you’re jetlagged!

FB – but doing some exercise will be helpful, it will tire you out for the night so you sleep better.

LB – drat science. But! You didn’t shave your legs!

FB – shoot

LB – victory!

FB – Wait! When you go home to collect your phone, pick up your footless tights and wear those. No-one will know that you’re hairier than a yeti in mid-winter

LB – please don’t make me go to the gym

FB – just go to the gym you lazy bum


Which brain do you think won?!


Flying away

Today I’m leaving to go back home to the UK. In total I’m travelling for about 28 hours…on three planes.

Flight one: Portland to Phoenix, arriving at 10.30pm
Flight two: Phoenix to Charlotte, leaving at 630am (yes I will be in Phoenix airport overnight) arriving at 130pm
Flight three: Charlotte to London, leaving at 630pm and arriving at 620am on SATURDAY morning.

I am going to be so tired and jetlagged and its worse because I just don’t want to leave. I feel like it takes me a week to settle in and then the next week goes too quickly 😦 this is the hardest it has been to leave. It makes me so sad to think about not hearing the kids when I wake up in the morning, not having late night talks with Rachel…it all just makes me super sad and miserable.

I know I have people who love me back home in Canterbury and when I’m there it will be great but for now, I’m just sad to leave. Sad.


Do you have a favourite “spot” to sit in? I remember fierce arguments with my siblings when I was younger if one of us dared to sit in a seat that someone else had vacated. I love it in the Big Bang Theory when someone sits in Sheldon’s seat…because it is so true to my life.

Wherever I go I like to have a “spot” to settle in. For example, at my house I like to sit in the right side corner of the sofa…at a family’s house that I babysit there is a red armchair that is the perfect size for me to curl up in.

Here, at David & Rachel’s in Salem, “my spot” is a green rocker chair. I love it. It’s the perfect size for curling up to read, snuggling with the kids/dog, and just generally chilling out. I feel cosy and peaceful sitting in this chair, even if I do look a little bit silly rocking myself back and forth!!

Where is your comfy spot?


Learning from Deuteronomy

Yesterday we went to church. My friend David is one of the Pastors at Morningstar church in Salem. One of the lead pastors gave the sermon from Deuteronomy chapter 8. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a sermon which contextualised Deuteronomy so well before. Pastor Ken explained that Moses is reminding the Israelites of the covenant that God made with them and of his continued faithfulness to keep his promises by blessing them and taking care of them, even though the Israelites have complained and gone against him many times.

And there I thought Deuteronomy was boring! Turns out all I needed was the context. Moses knew he would die before the Israelites got to enter the promised land but he needed to remind them of what God had done, because they had a tendency to forget.

I have a tendency to forget. Yesterday afternoon during the kids’ rest time I sat and read through the first half of Deuteronomy and was amazed at what I read. It was like reading it for the first time.

While the sermon yesterday was mainly about giving thanks to God for financial provision (the church is working through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University right now) it really made me think about all the ways that God has provided for me in my life…things that I too easily forget because I let life get in the way.

I want to cultivate a thankful attitude, and acacknowledge ALL that God does, and has done.

Practical ways I’ll be doing this to follow in another post


Spring time in Salem

Day 2 of my American trip…it is 53ºF today and the sun is SHINING! Yesterday we went to the grocery store and I didn’t even need a jacket, and this morning we spent a few hours at Riverfront park, playing in the sunshine. It’s so warm…hard to believe that the UK has snow forecast for next week. Off I go to enjoy the sun some more…Elijah and Hope are super into basketball right now and we’re doing lots of practice in the driveway. I suck but they don’t seem to mind!!


I had a number of potential blog posts to write today, but they all seem to have disappeared into the ether of my mind.

Isn’t it strange how thoughts can suddenly pop into your head…and then disappear before you get to act on them? Strange, and annoying.

Now, I have nothing to say of consequence. I have spent the weekend “getting stuff done” – returning library books, going to the gym, sorting out dollars for my trip, and petrol money for the 2 kind friends who are being lovely and driving me to/from the airport, buying some new clothes, doing lots *and lots* of laundry, tidying my room, hanging out with Rosie, hanging out with other friends, going to see a potential new flat (a no-go), church, and renewing my car breakdown cover.


Yesterday I was so exhausted I was falling asleep by 7pm. But of course, I went to bed early and then woke up at 1am – and couldn’t get back to sleep for another hour!! Muchos irritating.

This evening I’ve spent a couple of hours sorting out all my clothes, and packing for my holiday. My big suitcase is all ready, and my carry-on is done apart from my wash bag. The only things I need now are: books, Bibles, and my handbag – with passport, tickets, money etc…and I need to book my Shuttle from the airport but that’s it!

I feel sleepy. Tomorrow I’m at work; starting my new 5-days-a-week position. I think I picked a bad time to up my days: the week before going on a holiday when I’m also looking for a new place to live and would benefit from an extra day to house-visit…but oh well; it will all be fine.

Off to watch Call The Midwife now; my Sunday evening relaxation. I often cry, but I think that’s part of its’ charm!

Have a good week!! My next blog post will probably come to you straight from Salem, Oregon 🙂