A girl and her smartphone

I have had the same  useless old phone for the past two years. The camera on it broke almost immediately but Virgin wouldn’t replace it because they are useless like that. While everyone else has been raving about their smartphones I’ve been plodding along with my little brick of a Nokia…

Until last week that is!! My contract finally ended just before Christmas and I now have a shiny Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini in blue. It’s beautiful!  So far I’m not completely addicted to it; in fact it really winds me up that I can’t turn it off! It seems like a flaw to me, making a phone that doesn’t want to ring the alarm unless it’s turned on.  I haven’t really slept properly in the week I’ve had it because I don’t like leaving stuff plugged in overnight.

On the plus side, it has an amazing camera, I’m on a great tariff with unlimited internet and it has all the Apps I’ve been hearing about for YEARS!

And as a matter of fact I have just typed out this whole post on my phone. Painstakingly tapping away on my little touchscreen…what a techie I am



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