Beware the Grumperson

Sheesh. Today has been a very long, very stressful, nightmare of a day. I feel like hibernating. I thought yesterday was supposed to be the National Gloomy Day. Why can people just not be NORMAL?!

I have been totally grumpy all day – and when I say grumpy, I don’t mean in an adorable Disney character way.


My grumpy mood has been more like this:


Seriously. Don’t mess with me.

I hate being grumpy. I don’t think it suits me, and more to the point, it is not the best side of me. Definitely not. The girls at work all noticed that I was in a foul mood and even though they thought it was pretty funny (because I’m NOT like that normally) I wish I had been able to snap out of it and deal with the stresses and issues better. Grr.

Fortunately I’m now watching Miranda from last night and it’s just made me laugh out loud – literally. And I have good plans for tonight so hopefully I can get over it and start again tomorrow.


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