Team GB

Today I was listening to the Jeremy Vine show, on Radio 2, and it got me SO mad!

Someone, somewhere, has made the comment that the coverage of the London 2012 Olympics are too patriotic to Team GB.


Seriously, there was a huge debate about whether the coverage of the Games should be less focused on what our team is doing, and be more generalised.

I honestly don’t get this…what is wrong with some people?! To be hosting the Games is just phenomenal, and I think that the sports coverage AND the news coverage has been absolutely brilliant.

We are IN the UK…even if the Games weren’t being held here, the coverage would still be focused on our team’s achievements because that is what the BBC is there to do! The news teams from other countries, like France or Russia, will focussing on their own teams so why can’t we focus on ours?

One of the people on the radio said that she was in the USA for the first week of the Olympics, and the coverage there doesn’t talk about anyone other than the USA competitors – if the USA aren’t in the event, it doesn’t really get a mention.

I think our coverage has been great, and of course there is going to be some bias (for example: ) but why is that a problem?

Actually, our coverage has been quite well-rounded – in my opinion. Yes, if you’re on BBC1 they switch between different sports if the GB competitor is in contention for a medal, but last night I was watching the Athletics and there was a whole feature on the lovely Kenyan runner, David Rudisha, who set the new World Record for 800m, and the whole world got behind Usain Bolt when he went for the double title and won the 200m final. All through these Games there have been great human interest stories about the competitors from smaller countries or those who have come out of nowhere to break records and do their country proud.

Most of the country have 24 dedicated channels for the Olympics, so they have been able to watch whatever sport they want live. For those that stupidly got rid of their Sky subscription three weeks before the games (who, me?!) there is BBC 1 or 2, BBC 3 and also a third channel just for the Olympic coverage – and you can watch everythingon Iplayer which is what I’ve done quite a lot.

In fact, right now I have the athletics on the TV (muted), and the Men’s 10m diving preliminaries in an open window – I listen to the commentary, and am switching windows everytime a great dive is made or our divers are on.

Anyway. My point is, I think our coverage is completely appropriately biased towards OUR team, and I don’t think it would be any different if we weren’t the hosts.

I for one am so proud to be British…I have cheered, laughed, cried, winced and shouted at the TV pretty much every day of the last two weeks and I think that the whole event has just been the best it could have been (even with the hoo-ha about empty seats and the occasional mess-up – see below!)

I’ve also sung the National Anthem at every opportunity (25 Gold medals at the latest count) and even found myself singing it in the shower yesterday…Olympic obsessed, maybe.

My point is… The London Olympic Committee have done an absolutely wonderful job putting on these Games, and I think the coverage has been completely excellent. Our athletes have trained for 4 years for the honour of competing in the Olympics and the fact that it’s happening on home-ground is even more awesome.

So shut up, stupid grumpy, non-patriotic people, because we are Team GB and we really are doing GREAT


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