£63 million

Someone in England has one £63 million on the National Lottery, and has not come forward to claim their money. It’s obviously not me, because I’ve only played the lottery about three times. But the story was featured on Radio 2 this afternoon and it got me thinking, “what would I do if I’d won”

The journalist had interviewed a few people who came up with things like;

– buy a yacht

– go on holiday

– quit my job

With £63 million you could probably buy 63 yachts and have a holiday in each of them, one a year for the rest of your life.

But that seemed a bit meaningless to me. It’s such a lot of money, it’s really hard to imagine! I had a half hour car ride home, though, so came up with a few ideas:

1) pay off my student loan, my brothers’ student loan, and my sisters’ student loan.

2) buy houses – kind of like Monopoly, really! I’d buy a house for myself, a house for my mum, and put money aside to help each of my siblings with their mortgages so they don’t have to worry about that

3) give to church. If I were to win the lottery tomorrow, I’d give money to our church building fund. We have had an ongoing project to buy a building pretty much in the heart of Canterbury, but due to its’ state of disrepair it needs to be knocked down and rebuilt. 10% of £63 million could build a really beautiful church building that can serve our community well

4) I’d also give money to my church in Plymouth, to pay a salary for a youth worker because they have such a great ministry with lots of local kids, but are reliant on volunteers. If there was money for a full-time pastor this would help the ministry take off again. This is something close to my heart because I came to know Jesus through the youth work at Hooe. I’d give money to the Girls’ Brigade that is based there as well, to help them give scholarships for girls who can’t pay fees and provide great activities and trips

5) donate. I honestly think I’d be incredibly overwhelmed by all the money, so I’d give to lots of charities – local ones and worldwide ones

6) pay taxes! I almost dread to think how much I’d be taxed, but Jesus told us to “give to Caesar what is Caesars” and as long as the government of this country sets taxes, I will pay them…even if it seems like a high amount.

7) replace all my clothes – I realised the other day that I own, and still regularly wear, some of my clothes from before I went to University. Possibly some I had when I was doing GCSEs! So I’d go shopping and not even look at a price tag, but buy things based on if I wanted them! (But I’d probably do this shopping spree somewhere like Next or Dorothy Perkins rather than the designer stores)

Isn’t this dress so cute?

Honestly I don’t think I could actually spend that much money…but it was fun playing the little game



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