God prompts

It isn’t often that I get “God prompts”. I don’t mean gentle nudges, or a feeling that I should do something – those happen regularly…I mean actually hearing God tell me to do something.

If you’re a non-believer, don’t switch off – hearing from God doesn’t make me crazy; it’s a real thing, spoken about countless times in the Bible. God speaks to His people all the time and it makes me feel blessed whenever He speaks with me because I know that His attention is for my good.

So, as I say, hearing certainly from God doesn’t happen on a daily basis – so when I do hear clearly from Him, I know I have to follow what He says.

This past week, God asked me to say sorry to my sister. I hadn’t done anything majorly wrong – but I made a flippant and insensitive comment about something;. not intended to hurt her, it was “just a joke”, and I don’t think she even had her feelings hurt. But later that day, I was doing some sewing and I felt God tell me I had to apologise for being insensitive.

Let me just say here that I really dislike apologising, and admitting when I’m in the wrong. When I was three, I wrote my name on the dining room wall – to this day (20 years later) I haven’t actually owned up or apologised for it. (At the time I blamed it on my sister, then aged 3 months old)

My point is, I don’t like to apologise and while the example above eventually became nothing more than a funny family story, I really felt that God strongly wanted me to apologise to my sister for making an insensitive comment.

I didn’t want to…but long story short, I did, and even though it was a bit awkward because I was bringing something up from hours earlier, I feel that my sister appreciated my apology and I also feel God’s joy in helping me to humble myself and submit to His will.

In the days since this I’ve been thinking about other, bigger things I should apologise for. I know that all my sins are forgiven in Christ, and through Him I’ve been able to forgive a lot of people – but I also feel God prompting me to admit some of my wrongdoings to the people they’ve affected.

Honestly, this scares me…but a friend of mine recently posted this as her status on Facebook and it really struck my heart; “God is so good, He graciously teaches me new things every day and cares more about my character then my comfort and honestly because of that I feel blessed today. He must love me so much to graciously show me what He desires to make new in me. When he removes it, it hurts…but the product of the pain is priceless and beautiful.” 

So I think that while it’s terrifying and I don’t want to, I have to trust that God has work to do in me that is for my good and that He will bring good from the discomfort.

Will let you know how it goes!




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