A little phone drama to start the week

Here’s the thing. I use my mobile, quite a lot. It’s not a fancy thing – in fact, by today’s standards it’s a bit of a brick even though it’s only 18 months old. I don’t actually like the handset, but it’s functional and I need it to be functional because I use it a lot.

My phone died when I was in America, and since the only other handset I have is also broken (the microphone and speaker are dead, so all I can do is text which isn’t helpful) I have spent some time trying to get through to the provider, Virgin Mobile, to get them to sort it.

You’d think it would be easy, right? Seeing as it’s a contract phone, and there are 5 months left on the contract, I figured I’d send it off and they’d fix it and everything would be hunky dory… except, no.

The phone handset has a 24 month warranty, but the battery and charger only have a 12 month warranty. Guess which bit of my phone is broken?

Thanks Virgin.

Essentially if I want a functional phone, I have to go to carphone warehouse and buy a new battery/charger…or download some software thing from the internet. But even then it might not work because the fault could be the handset.

Part of me thinks it is easier to just go and get a new handset…but it just feels like such a hassle and not how I wanted to spent my day!



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