Why I like my life

I have missed blogging over these last two weeks so thought I’d get online and post a quick update to let anyone who is interested know that I am baaaaack in the UK, and currently resisting jetlag.

Urgh. Nothing like extreme tiredness, headache, nausea and not knowing where the heck I am (or what day/time it is) to round off what was actually the sweetest, most restful and wonderful holiday I could have asked for.

God blessed me so much in these last two weeks. I needed to be away – away from work and family and church, I needed a chance to get my head together and not feel like such a basket case – and the time spent with my friends in Oregon allowed me to completely rest in His presence and see Him at work.

Calling it restful might sound crazy, since my friends have four kids (8, 6, nearly 5 and 18 months) and consequently there are school runs and snack times and owies and all the other family stuff but I needed the change of pace and to take several steps back from my life – consider it, evaluate it and ask God what He wants for me and whether I am living as He desires.

Good news is, I remembered why I like my life.

God has done great things and His purposes for me are so amazing that I cannot even imagine them! He has brought me out of some awful, devastating situations, and restores my soul. I am a new creation by the power of His grace and I am stunned that He loves me.

In a few days when I am feeling a little more human I’ll post a proper “vacation” blog, with photos and maybe even video – but that can wait a while. I have some praising to do!


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