The countdown…

This time next week I will be crossing the Atlantic, heading on holidayyyyyyy!!! Hooray!

I’m heading to Salem, Oregon to see some amazing friends and their four kids. I haven’t seen them in almost two years, and that was also my last non-family holiday. I’ve had time off in the last couple of months, but due to circumstances outside of my control it hasn’t exactly been restful.

The past few weeks have been ridiculously exhausting. Since I got sick after Debbie and Aaron’s wedding I feel like I’ve been wading through mud – I’ve been going to bed early, sleeping in as late as possible, not going out unless I have to and most days I feel like I could cry really easily.

Add to that a horrendous day at work on Monday, where I was told off for being too efficient (seriously) and the usual *hormone* delights…let’s just say I’m counting down the days.

I’ve made it through, but just barely. I think if I didn’t have my holiday to look forward to I might have crumbled. I think this is great timing. Maybe it’s God’s timing, maybe he’s using my friends’ schedule to my benefit.

Either way, I’m grateful and I’m excited. I’m off on holiday, where there are no pressures, no responsibilities – I can just join in whatever my friends are doing and have a great time doing it!

p.s. Yes, I have noticed that many of my photos include cats. I’m not a crazy cat lady, but it turns out that the internet is full of photos of cats from people who I can only presume are crazy cat people and I have no qualms about appropriating their captioned kitties. Hope that’s ok!


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