Some things that I don’t understand

This post is just a little jumble of a few things that have popped into my head in recent days. Mostly stupid things, so sorry about that. But, if you have an answer and can enlighten me as to WHY some of these things occur, I would be exceedingly grateful.

My why list…

First off…why is grateful not spelled greatful? When you are thankful for something are you aren’t full of grates…so why the spelling?

Why do women in the gym feel it is ok to wear g-strings? Just because they are comfortable with their butt, does not mean I want to see it while I’m all sweaty and self-conscious

Why do people think it’s ok to drive like maniacs even though outside is torrential rain, and while we’re on the road, why does the whole world seem to travel on a Bank Holiday?

(On Bank Holidays the roads should be just for me. It has been decided, and it is now the LAW)

Why are videos of little puppy dogs so funny?

Why is it so hard to find a simple pattern for a little  girls’ dress…

(I want to make a set of dresses for my friends’ daughters, as gifts for when I visit. Can I find a simple pattern? No. Grrr)

Why does the office phone ring at 4.53 with someone that needs a “quick chat”…

Why is a quick chat never actually quick?

Why can I no longer feel my legs or arms after boxercise? (Seriously, this post has taken forever to type out. It’s like I’m made of jelly)

Why did it take 4 attempts to get this image here? It wanted to go at the top of the page but I wouldn’t give up. 4th time lucky.

Why does petrol have to be so expensive?


What is on your Bucket List?

What’s on your WHY list?