Definitely contains nuts

I found a recipe today on Pinterest, and guess what – I actually made it, rather than just repinning it!


The recipe is listed on this blog and the whole process took about fifteen minutes.

We had all the ingredients, even peanut butter. I usually hate peanut butter – but I love other peanut things. These cookies are great. I just had one with a glass of milk – so good!

Right now I am feeling very productive…was feeling like I hadn’t accomplished much today (although I totally have) and now I can sit down with a cookie and wait for Rosie to come home from work.

I feel like a little wifey!!



The countdown…

This time next week I will be crossing the Atlantic, heading on holidayyyyyyy!!! Hooray!

I’m heading to Salem, Oregon to see some amazing friends and their four kids. I haven’t seen them in almost two years, and that was also my last non-family holiday. I’ve had time off in the last couple of months, but due to circumstances outside of my control it hasn’t exactly been restful.

The past few weeks have been ridiculously exhausting. Since I got sick after Debbie and Aaron’s wedding I feel like I’ve been wading through mud – I’ve been going to bed early, sleeping in as late as possible, not going out unless I have to and most days I feel like I could cry really easily.

Add to that a horrendous day at work on Monday, where I was told off for being too efficient (seriously) and the usual *hormone* delights…let’s just say I’m counting down the days.

I’ve made it through, but just barely. I think if I didn’t have my holiday to look forward to I might have crumbled. I think this is great timing. Maybe it’s God’s timing, maybe he’s using my friends’ schedule to my benefit.

Either way, I’m grateful and I’m excited. I’m off on holiday, where there are no pressures, no responsibilities – I can just join in whatever my friends are doing and have a great time doing it!

p.s. Yes, I have noticed that many of my photos include cats. I’m not a crazy cat lady, but it turns out that the internet is full of photos of cats from people who I can only presume are crazy cat people and I have no qualms about appropriating their captioned kitties. Hope that’s ok!



I very rarely say what’s actually on my mind. I hate the little box on Facebook that asks:

A lot of the time, it wouldn’t be ok to say exactly what’s on my mind.  Like most people I have snarky, mean thoughts…or sad thoughts…or incredibly random thoughts (for example, how do worms reproduce?) which it is not ‘normal’ to share.

But today, I was texting with a friend and making plans for this evening. I invited her over to watch The Help, which we just got through LoveFilm. I said we could watch something else if she wanted, and she replied saying she didn’t want to watch The Help, and would bring a different film she’d been planning on watching.

I started thinking. If it had been the other way round, I probably would have deflected the question entirely – “I’ll watch whatever you want”. In this case, I genuinely don’t mind what we watch, I just want my friend’s company because I enjoy spending time with her…but I realised the majority of people wouldn’t have the confidence to be honest about what they want.

Why isn’t it normal to share what’s on your mind? Why do we hide? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if people were really honest about how they thought or felt? Or what they wanted?

Obviously there could also be some pretty epic and potentially world-changing connotations ifeveryonedid it…world leaders and politicians for example, might have a tough time.

But on the small-scale.

If someone asks you “how are you” – what do you say? My default response is “fine” – last year my life was really anything but fine; I was exhausted, stressed, anxious, ill and deeply unhappy. But whenever anyone asked me, I said “fine” because that is the socially accepted response.

I was at home over the Easter Weekend, and talked with both my mum and my pastor – they’d bumped into each other a few days before, and both told me about it. My pastor asked my mum “how are you” – her response? “I’m having a really bad day”. Mum went on to explain to my pastor that she has severe depression and anxiety, and today was an awful day. Her honesty prompted my pastor to share with her about his own experiences of having depression, for two years, and he was able to say with all honesty: I know how it feels.

Mum said that this chance meeting with him was very helpful, even though he didn’t say anything particularly profound or “counsellor-ish”. He was just honest, because she had been honest, and that helped her.

How many situations are we in, on a daily basis, where we deny our true thoughts and feelings because we are more concerned about how others will receive what we say or do?

I know I do it far more that I want to. I wish I had the confidence and assurance to be honest, in good and bad. To say what’s on my mind – within reason. Ultimately I know that God is my redeemer and thanks to Jesus I am able to rest assured in His promises. He thinks good of me and I needn’t fear Man….and yet, I do. All the time.

Am I alone in this, or is it a common thought among the bloggy world?

Believe me when I say…I want to know what you think!


Some things that I don’t understand

This post is just a little jumble of a few things that have popped into my head in recent days. Mostly stupid things, so sorry about that. But, if you have an answer and can enlighten me as to WHY some of these things occur, I would be exceedingly grateful.

My why list…

First off…why is grateful not spelled greatful? When you are thankful for something are you aren’t full of grates…so why the spelling?

Why do women in the gym feel it is ok to wear g-strings? Just because they are comfortable with their butt, does not mean I want to see it while I’m all sweaty and self-conscious

Why do people think it’s ok to drive like maniacs even though outside is torrential rain, and while we’re on the road, why does the whole world seem to travel on a Bank Holiday?

(On Bank Holidays the roads should be just for me. It has been decided, and it is now the LAW)

Why are videos of little puppy dogs so funny?

Why is it so hard to find a simple pattern for a little  girls’ dress…

(I want to make a set of dresses for my friends’ daughters, as gifts for when I visit. Can I find a simple pattern? No. Grrr)

Why does the office phone ring at 4.53 with someone that needs a “quick chat”…

Why is a quick chat never actually quick?

Why can I no longer feel my legs or arms after boxercise? (Seriously, this post has taken forever to type out. It’s like I’m made of jelly)

Why did it take 4 attempts to get this image here? It wanted to go at the top of the page but I wouldn’t give up. 4th time lucky.

Why does petrol have to be so expensive?


What is on your Bucket List?

What’s on your WHY list?


April, already?!

I can’t quite believe it’s April already. March literally whizzed past me whilst I wasn’t paying attention, and all of a sudden it’s sunny and (almost) warm, and 3 weeks until I fly to the States for my holiday!

As I typed “sunny”, it started to rain. Typical.

I can’t wait, I booked my flights on Wednesday night and I’ve been buzzing with excitement since. 2 1/2 weeks off, 16 days/nights with the Libbys in Oregon. Hooray!!

A lot of stuff seems to have happened in just this past week, it’s hard to process it all. Rosie has found a house and is moving out earlier than planned (May 5th) but my lovely friend Tasha (she of the great DIY skills) is moving in immediately, which is a tremendous blessing. Tasha was going to stay with friends until Rosie moved out in August, before the wedding, but now it’s all working out 4 months ahead of schedule!

Also this week my lovely friends Debs and Aaron got married. I know I’ve shown you pics already but here’s another:

Debs and Aaron are in the same church small group as me, and some of us from the group were the *food people* at the wedding, preparing it all and serving it etc. I was on my feet for almost 8 hours but it was so much fun.

And then I got sick 😦 I woke up on Friday, and felt a little yucky so I decided to stay in bed a bit longer – I had no plans because I switched my day off last week, so I could stay late at the wedding. By 1.30 I was still in bed! I got up and put some laundry on, and had a shower, then sat down on the sofa “for a minute” and woke up at 3.30pm! By this point I felt like death, so I went back to bed and stayed there til Rosie got home.

I managed to get up for a few hours in the evening, then had an early night, but I didn’t sleep well and woke up feeling horrendous. But of course, I had work…yes, even though it was Saturday. I managed my morning contact but changed my afternoon one, and came home to sleep.

We had guests this weekend – Rosie and Dave’s friends – and I feel like such an awful hostess for being in bed the whole time! Sorry Ruth, Sarah and Joe!! Sunday I felt well enough for church, but I was on standby for creche and they needed me so I exhausted myself again…back to bed for most of the afternoon!!

Hooray for Monday though, I felt much better and only needed a lie-in to feel almost human again. In all my (nearly) 23 years, I can’t remember being sick enough to willingly spending so much time in bed. But the only time I felt well was when I was lying down…so lying down I stayed, with my laptop, tissues, blackcurrant squash, hot water bottle and four big, squishy pillows to make me comfy!

What exciting things have happened in your week?