Day 27: worst habit

I am a very self-analytical (i.e. self-critical) person, so I know that I have a lot of bad habits.

Some are not really that bad…for example, not wanting to wash up immediately is a bad habit that won’t cause chaos and disaster.

Others only really affect me…like biting my fingernails. I’m the only one who really cares about it.

I don’t know what my worst habit is though…is it the habit that affects me most, or would “worst” be something that affects others?

I don’t know how to define the question…therefore I am not going to be able to answer properly without going into a deep, self-assessing and possibly self-pitying ramble, and as it is already 10.40pm I am not in the mood for that!

Night night


p.s. If you define “worst” for me, then maybe I’ll answer this at another time.


One thought on “Day 27: worst habit

  1. Ha!didn’t know you bite your fingernails!=P Coz I share the same habit as you!tried quitting but it keeps coming back when i’m stressed!xx

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