Day 26: favourite clothing store

Back to the favourites 😦 Boo! I hate this!!

I don’t have a favourite store.

I like New Look and Peacocks, because they have nice, good quality clothes at reasonable prices. I’m still a seventeen year old at heart really.

I like Next because they have good, fitted work trousers that don’t make me look like an elephant OR a beanpole…as other stores do.

I like Primark because it’s cheap and cheerful and you can usually find one top that you like in three different colours, thus providing three whole outfits for about £12!!

I also like charity shop shopping, because it’s cheap, good for society and also because you can find some amazing bargains that other people have tossed out of their wardrobes.

Case in point: the skirt I wore today was £4 from a charity shop and it still had the label in!!

I also do online shopping, but that’s dangerous because I get carried away 😛

Where do you shop?


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