Day 20: Worst childhood item of clothing

Now, this is a tough subject since I was a nineties child – born in 1989 and therefore experiencing the wonderful phenomenon of hair scrunchies, side ponytails and leggings with feet straps.

I wanted to find photographic evidence of some of the horrific (but SO cool at the time) outfits that I’ve worn over the years…but thank goodness my Mum was too busy parenting us to take photos every second.

This a selection I’ve found…mostly I think that I look quite cute! My mum reckons that I haven’t changed at all, since I was about 4. Crazy.

A dress to match the carpet...a must have!


Funky green and yellow trousers - I was about three here


One word: headband

Feel free to comment and share your own fashion faux-pas!



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