Day 18: A talent or hobby


Once again, a tricky post title…especially since the last post was about my insecurites. What a great idea – give an anxious “never good enough” person a challenge to identify a talent or hobby!


I think there are lots of things that I am good at, but I don’t know if you could define them as talents or hobbies.

Who says what a hobby is anyway?

I mean, I recently edited my CV to add my current place of work and experience, and in doing so also updated my personal information. But when it came to hobbies and interests, I really got stuck.

What do they want you to write?

“I like trainspotting and making balloon animals”

“I am a black belt in Karate and enjoy watching Kung-Fu films. One day I want to go to China”

“Enjoy cooking Chinese and Italians.”

“Getting drunk every night down by the water, playing my guitar and smoking pot.”

These are genuine examples that I found during an enlightening Google search!

I think having hobbies when you’re a young professional is quite hard. While it’s said that you make time for the things which you care about, when 50% of your life is spent working and 30% is spent sleeping, and in that left over 20% you need to make time for cooking and eating, bathing, grocery shopping and other stupid things like dentist appointments and haircuts (which I never seem to have time for) … well, there doesn’t seem much left for fun.

That said, if I had to choose I’d say the things that I enjoy doing in whatever free time I have left are:



going to the gym

watching movies – I’ve recently been watching a lot of French films


spending time with friends

Which of those would you class as hobbies or talents?



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