Day 16: Crazy things

The topic for today is either:

who do you do the most crazy things with
what is the most crazy thing you’ve done

But, see…here’s the thing. (In my head I just said thang in a corny American accent. I’m cool)

Here’s the thing.

I am a cowardy coward. I do not do crazy.

I don’t dance around my room like no-one’s watching

I don’t sing like no-one’s listening

I have never gotten a tattoo just because it seems like fun

The last time I got drunk was when I was 18, on a holiday to Newquay with a bunch of friends. I have never regretted anything more than that holiday.

I am Tame. Sedate. Reserved. Introverted. Bashful. Shy.

No crazy stuff for me.


BTW…a while ago there was an article on the news suggesting that shyness is a form of personality disorder. As a shy person, I wholeheartedly disagree. It’s a personality trait, that’s all. I may have an anxiety disorder, but big deal, so do 9.2% of the population. Shyness is not a symptom. Just because the world seems to place a higher value on people who shout their own worth from the rooftops and bounce around like Tigger on a sugar high…doesn’t mean that those of us who aren’t like that are disordered.

(And yes, I realise I just completely scandalously generalised extroverted people. Sorry if that applies to you. I really like Tigger)


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