Day 12: Something you are OCD about

Today’s list could honestly be quite endless. I have quite a few odd little traits, and if things aren’t a certain way then I do sometimes freak out a bit.

Sometimes it’s over a pretty normal thing: for example, I can’t leave the house unless I’ve made my bed. I was brought up to make my bed in the morning – always – and I like to come into my room after work to see my bed looking all neat and welcoming.

Some other things aren’t quite so normal. For example.

I absolutely cannot leave a plug switched on, if it isn’t being used.

Everything I have control over (lamps, stereo, DVD player, kettle) is switched off immediately after use. The only things that stay plugged in are the Sky box/TV, phone, and fridge/freezer.

Plug switches bug me so much that no matter where I am; friends’ houses, work, church, if I see a socket switched on and nothing is plugged in I absolutely have to turn it off.

Yes, I am a little bit of a mentalist.



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