Day 9: Something that makes your life easier

This is a tricky question. Lots of things make my life easier…my car, my phone, my job (my wages)…but when I thought about it, there is one lovely thing that makes my life easier.

Enter…the wonder pillow!

Ok, let me explain.

I have a funky little condition (syndrome?!) called hypermobility. Essentially it means that I’m bendier than I should be, because the connective tissues in my joints aren’t as strong as they should be.

For example, I can do this:

Freaky, right?

My hypermobility is very mild in comparison to some people’s, however I was a gymnast and a diver when I was younger and the years of physical training have meant that I don’t use my muscles correctly.

I promise I’ll get to the point eventually.

On top of the hypermobility, I also have two old whiplast injuries (yay for two car crashes within one year) and a highly stressful job which means I get unusually tense in my neck/shoulders.

Don’t you just want to be me?!

So. The point. How does the pillow make my life easier?

Well…the V-shaped pillow istrulya wonderful invention.

Before I bought it, I’d sleep on my front with my head completely turned to one side; essentially this would just give me a giant crick in my neck and undo all the hard physiotherapy exercises I’ve been doing for the past three years to get my muscles working properly. I’d wake up in the night, really uncomfortable, and then I’d suffer the next day.

My lovely little pillow means that I sleep all curled up on my side, with my neck properly supported. I get a proper night’s sleep, and wake up refreshed and not in pain.

I like to not be in pain.

Wow. A 300 word post about a V-shaped pillow.



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