Day 4: Favourite book

Hmm. After saying yesterday that I don’t “do” favourites, today is yet another shining example.

Oh books.

Where do I start?!

I absolutely, 100%, categorically adore books. I love reading, and have done since I was ever so little.

Check out my chubby cheeks!

I’m four months old in that picture, so if you want to be technical I wasn’t actually reading…but ever since I was old enough to hold onto a book, I’ve done it.

Growing up I’d have books everywhere…in the living room (to read whilst I simultaneously watched TV), at the computer (to read whilst waiting for things to load/avoid homework), in the bathroom. I even read at the dinner table, when my mum would allow me to.

It wasn’t just books that I read…I’d even read the backs of cereal boxes at breakfast, and have the subtitles up on the TV.

When I was little we would go to the library every few weeks, sometimes even once a week, to get new books. I completed the reading challenge when I was about 8 or 9, having read 100 books and done a little interview with the librarian after each one to get my stickers. My brother did it too and we both went to an awards evening where we got certificates and a free signed book from a poet called John Foster.

I thought I was so cool.

What I’m trying to say (in hundreds of words, when simple dozens would do) is that I am, at heart, a bibliophile. One of my goals this year is to read 50 books, and I’m keeping up with it on goodreads (I’ve read 12 so far…)

And so we approach the monumental task of considering my favourite book.

Oh help.

Below is a list of [some of] books that I plan on giving to/reading to/reading with my daughter when I have one.

Little Women
The House on Exeter Street
Anything by Jane Hughes – Alfie and Annie Rose books
Old Bear Stories
The House by Princes Park
The biographies of Helen Forrester (pen name)
Gone With The Wind
Pretty much anything by Jacqueline Wilson

There are just too many wonderful books in my memory…far more than are listed above. Books are just so special. I could never use a Kindle or read e-books, because to actually physically hold a book is just a great feeling. I love going to the library and pondering what I’m going to take home and try this time, what new favourite I might find.

Books are my delight.

What is your favourite book? Maybe I’ll try it and it’ll be my new favourite!



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