Day 2: Favourite Movie

I looooooove watching movies 🙂 There’s a movie for every scenario, isn’t there?

Sad movies, happy movies, love movies, break-up movies, angry family movies, poorly-time movies…I have a rather excessive DVD/VCR collection, and Rosie & I have a subscription to LoveFILM so we have an ever-growing list of movies on that. I also like going to the cinema…I think this is a throwback from the first couple of years after my parents’ divorce when my dad would take us to watch a film every Saturday.

*Sideline, I loved those Saturdays. He’d pick us up in the morning and we’d go watch a film, then have McDonalds for lunch. We saw “Mighty Joe Young” at the Odeon cinema in Plymouth; it was the first film I ever cried at! Also, when the new Vue cinema opened, my auntie worked there and she took us on a tour of the ‘gallery’ place where they put the films on. We watched the first half of “Tarzan” from the gallery, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Anyway. I’m cheating again today because it’s just too hard to pick one favourite film. I have a new favourite depending on my mood.

My top 5 movies [in no particular order] are:

Grease 2,


Mona Lisa Smile,

Little Women,

Walk the Line

What are yours?



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