Day 1 – Favourite Song

Welcome to March 2012! How is it March already? Today it felt like Spring and I was so happy. It even smelled like spring when I drove home (with the windows down for the first time this year)

Today is Day 1 of my 31-in-31 blog challenge. The topic today: Favourite Song

Why not start with an easy one?!

Songs are a tough one for me – I don’t really have a favourite artist, or a specific song that when it comes on it’s MY song. I don’t really do favourites. Too much choice, or too many decisions, give me anxiety. Seriously.

So, instead, let’s go with a few song that I currently really like.

The music I listen to is either Christian, or chilled out/indie/pop. I do NOT do R & B or drum & bass, or thrashy, doof-doofy music. Let’s just get that clear.

My top three Christian songs (at the current time) are:

Come Thy Fount of Every Blessing (hymn by Robert Robinson)


10,000 reasons (by Matt Redman)


Change in the Making (Addison Road)


My top three “other” songs are:

Riverside (Agnes Obel)


Next to Me (Emile Sande)


Save the last dance for me  (Michael Buble)



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