Day 31: Someone or something you couldn’t do without

Today is the final day of my 31-in-31 challenge. It’s been fun – though at the end of a long work day I’ve often found it hard/annoying to have to blog. For the most part though it has been an interesting experience.

Now for my last post 31-in-31 post – someone or something I couldn’t do without…I’m just going to cheat now, because I wrote this post last year for Mother’s Day, about my wonderful Mum.

She’s the person I can’t do without…she’s amazing and I love her.


Day 30: Dream big

The 30th blog of my 31-in-31 challenge. Wow. Has March gone past this quickly for everyone, or is it just me? I can’t believe that it will be April on Sunday.

Today’s prompt is about big dreams…what you hope for in the future.

I have a poster in my bathroom, which I made during a discipleship time with two of the three girls I mentor. We were talking about plans, and what we hope to have/achieve/do in our lives. We each wrote these down on a piece of paper, in pencil. And then we wrote Bible verses about God’s plans all over it, in bright pen.

Mine’s a little tatty now, and at some point I want to redo it (and laminate it?) since I want to keep it on my wall for longer. The bathroom tends not to be the best place for paper things to stay neat, as the steam from the shower curls the edges.

But, anyway, this is what mine looks like:

Most days I don’t feel like I have a plan. But I know that God’s plan is greater than mine. All the things I want in life…the things I’ve written down in pencil…are completely covered by His plans for me. That’s why we wrote over the pencil with bright pens – to remind us that God’s plans come first, and are for the best of us.

If you’re interested…here some of the things I wrote on my paper:

  • give blood regularly until they tell me I can’t anymore
  • sponsor a child
  • be a foster carer
  • drive across America – see all 50 states
  • read the whole Bible

What would be on your list?


Day 29: a good day for a wedding

I’m cheating (again) by posting a day late, and also by ignoring the blog prompt. For a good reason though:

Yesterday – 29.03.12 – my gorgeous friend Debs and her utterly lovely fiance Aaron got married!

I have better photos but haven’t uploaded them yet…so these photos belong to other people. I’ve stolen them from Debs’ Facebook profile!

Aren’t they just beautiful? And so in love!


Day 28: what’s in your bag?

Weeeeeeeeelllllllll, this is quite an interesting one.

Currently I have a quite a little handbag. My mum got it for me when I last went home on holiday. It’s actually teeny…so teeny that I’ve nicknamed it my Mary Poppins bag:

Not because it’s made of carpet…because it’s not. But, because it currently holds:

  • diary
  • little notebook
  • three pens
  • lipstick
  • vaseline
  • lip balm
  • clementine
  • two hairbands
  • mobile phone
  • work mobile phone
  • office keys
  • house keys
  • purse
  • comb

Yes…I am genuinely serious


Day 27: worst habit

I am a very self-analytical (i.e. self-critical) person, so I know that I have a lot of bad habits.

Some are not really that bad…for example, not wanting to wash up immediately is a bad habit that won’t cause chaos and disaster.

Others only really affect me…like biting my fingernails. I’m the only one who really cares about it.

I don’t know what my worst habit is though…is it the habit that affects me most, or would “worst” be something that affects others?

I don’t know how to define the question…therefore I am not going to be able to answer properly without going into a deep, self-assessing and possibly self-pitying ramble, and as it is already 10.40pm I am not in the mood for that!

Night night


p.s. If you define “worst” for me, then maybe I’ll answer this at another time.

Day 26: favourite clothing store

Back to the favourites 😦 Boo! I hate this!!

I don’t have a favourite store.

I like New Look and Peacocks, because they have nice, good quality clothes at reasonable prices. I’m still a seventeen year old at heart really.

I like Next because they have good, fitted work trousers that don’t make me look like an elephant OR a beanpole…as other stores do.

I like Primark because it’s cheap and cheerful and you can usually find one top that you like in three different colours, thus providing three whole outfits for about £12!!

I also like charity shop shopping, because it’s cheap, good for society and also because you can find some amazing bargains that other people have tossed out of their wardrobes.

Case in point: the skirt I wore today was £4 from a charity shop and it still had the label in!!

I also do online shopping, but that’s dangerous because I get carried away 😛

Where do you shop?


Day 25: my best friends

Well, this is a difficult one since I don’t know which of my friends would be comfortable with me talking about them on here. So I’m going to twist the subject a little and talk about my best friends from my childhood…

My first best friend was a girl called Roisin (Rosheen) who I went to ballet with. We were about three or four, and we bonded because we both had sleeveless red leotards with a little frill, while all the other girls had regular pink ones. They tried to make fun of us for being different, but we knew we were really the cool ones. Nothing to do with the fact that we were both teeny tiny and they didn’t have pink leotards small enough to fit us.

When I started primary school my best friend for a few years was another girl called Roisin. She and her little sister had the best collection of Sylvanian families’ toys (my favourite was the canal boat)

Other things I remember about Roisin are: she had a trundle bed, she was a Catholic (the one and only Catholic service I’ve been to was her first Holy Communion…I spent most of the time watching people cross themselves and trying to work out why they did it), and she lived next to a family who had a baby a year, and only one of them was a girl in the time we knew them.

Roisin and I stopped being friends when we were in year 3, because we were put in different classes. She became best friends with our friend Megan, and I got closer with my friend Monique.

Monique was a twin, and she had a little sister. Her dad was white and her mum was black, and they were foster parents to a boy who was in our school year. We stopped being best friends in year 5, when we were moved in different classes. I saw Monique’s mum when I was about 18, and getting ready to go to Uni. I told her I was studying social work, and she told me that Monique was going to study it too! Small world.

In Year 5, I became friendly with Jennie and Rebecca. Jennie and I had been at nursery together, and Rebecca was her best friend all the way through primary school. Rebecca’s mum was deaf, and her grandparents helped to take care of her sometimes. She and her mum got a dog called Meg, a little spaniel who was adorable! Jennie, Rebecca and I were a good three, we got on really well. The summer after year 5 we spent in and out of each others’ houses, going on bike rides and climbing trees…

Yes, I know it sounds like something from Enid Blyton but we actually did it!

But then I moved schools to go into Year 6 and from then on life got complicated!

That’s a story for another day though.


And then I moved school

Day 24: where I live

Posting a day late again…sorry!! But Saturday was a fun, busy day and I just didn’t want to be online!

This is where I live:

That’s as close as you’re gonna get!

I live in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment with my lovely friend Rosie. We love our home…I’m sad that she’s moving out in a few months!!