Chocolate Courgette Cake

Today I thought I’d try something different. Rosie (still) has chocolate left over from Christmas, and we had a courgette in the fridge. I’ve heard of people making cakes/breads combining the two, so thought “why not try it?”

It turns out, it’s quite a popular recipe and it’s also very simple. Just bung it all in, essentially!



225g self raising flour (with 1/2 teaspoon baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of sofa combined)

150g caster sugar

125ml vegetable oil (ick)

2 eggs

Grated courgette: I used 1 medium, but you could use two small.

Chocolate: about two handfuls. I only had 1 handful, since I just roughly chopped the leftovers from Rosie’s Christmas stash. You could use choc chips. My chocolate was plain, which I don’t usually like but it works well with the courgette


Sift the flour, add the sugar. Grate your courgette(s) and chop your chocolate


Add the wet ingredients, and mix together to make a batter. (I didn’t photograph this because it was GROSS)

Then, add the courgette and chocolate. If there’s a lot of water in your courgette you might want to rest it in a sieve and gently push the water through. But mine was fine! Do you like how I managed to cover the disgusting looking batter with the yummy stuff?!

All that green has to make this healthy...right?

And then, mix well enough that all the courgette and chocolate is mixed into the batter. It seems to loosen it up a bit, which is good because it was quite stodgy.

Pour into a lined loaf tin (you could use a round sandwich tin, if you don’t have a loaf) and bake at 180C for 30 minutes (until golden brown)

It looks a bit weird...but I think that's ok

30 minutes later…hey presto!


I let mine cool in the tin for about 5 minutes, then transferred it to a wire rack. I’m excited to eat it!! I’m thinking it will be good warm, with vanilla ice cream. Will let you know!



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