An average week

Following on from last week’s blog post about what I do I then had a question from a friend, asking what my week usually looks like. So I thought I’d post a general overview of a pretty “usual” week.


My day off! Except I had a meeting to attend, a Looked After Child Review for one of my boys *K at 11.30am.


9-10.30am: working from home, sorting out my “to-do list” for the rest of the week

11am -2.30pm: home visit to a carer, and then a LAC Review for her foster child *F

3.10pm: go and collect one of my boys *K from school, and have to sit in while his headteacher tells him off for a bad attitude and punching another pupil

4.30pm: home visit with *K’s foster carers, finishing at 6.30pm


Normal start at 9am, catch up on Monday and Tuesday’s events as I was out of the office

10am-12pm: Leading foster carers support group, giving them all time and space to discuss their placements – positive and negative points – and give encouragement and ideas.

12 – 2pm: getting typing done

2-5pm: supervision with my manager, catching her up on support group and how my carers and placements are all doing


My usual day in the office, to catch up typing. Many phone calls and emails to other social workers, dealing with issues arising.

Evening; phone calls throughout the evening as one of our girls *M decided not to come home on time. After advising the carer to call the police, I then had to report her as missing to the Local Authority Social Services department. She returned at 1am!


9.30am: home visit to another carer

12 – 3pm: in the office – typing reports, calling social workers etc

3.30 – 6pm: supervising contact for one of my young people *P and his mum

Saturday (yes, I work some Saturdays!)

10 – 11am: supervising a contact

11am – 2pm: supervising another contact

evening: on call, *M decided not to return home so needed to be reported missing again


calls on and off all day about *M, who returned at 3.30am on Monday morning!

Not all weeks are like this…some are quieter and some are (much) more hectic. Generally I write my ‘to do’ list at the beginning of the week, and count the week as successful if I’ve managed to complete all my tasks. I find it hard if I have to carry things over, except if there’s been a real emergency situation to deal with. Sometimes there are, and there’s nothing you can do but take a few deep breaths and carry on.

This little guy sits on my computer, waving at me, reminding me to try not to take things so seriously…

Maybe I'm actually just plain nuts









…while this postcard is up on the pinboard over my desk so that I remember that a good cup of tea can help solve anything!

Tea is seriously a gift from God!