February snow

I absolutely love snow. This is my fifth year living in Canterbury, and it has snowed every year. Coming from a city by the sea, snow didn’t feature very much in my childhood…although I remember a few winters when I was younger when it did snow, and I just thought it was the best thing you could ever imagine.

Snow fascinates me; the prospect of a snow fall turns me into an excitable five-year old. I love pulling on two pairs of socks and legwarmers underneath my wellies and going crunching in show halfway up to my knees, and I equally love sitting in my comfy chair with a big blanket and a cup of tea – just watching it all fall.

I could look at pictures of snow virtually all day long, because it’s always so different. You wouldn’t think so; it’s white and it’s wet and when there’s a lot of it, it tends to cause chaos. But I think it’s beautiful and it makes me think of God.

This weekend we had our first real snowfall of 2012. We had about 1 inch on Friday night, but not enough to stop me getting to work on Saturday morning. By 11pm on Saturday night though my car was completely covered and I was sat, curled up in my comfy chair with my big blanket and my cup of tea, just watching out of the window as the complex where I live was transformed into an absolute wonderland.

Early on Sunday morning I got up, while it was still dark, and just stood at my window – looking. I love how when it’s snowed, it’s never really dark outside. It was beautiful. My window looks over our car park and onto a wooded area, but at that time of the morning I couldn’t make out any cars, just vague bumps underneath sheets of white. The trees were completely weighed down with thick white snow. I loved it.

I walked to church on Sunday, leaving about half an hour earlier than I normally would. It was only about 8am, so the snow was completely untouched; I was the first. I couldn’t believe how quiet it was all around me – usually even on Sundays there is traffic noise, people noise…but today there was nothing. It felt like an amazing gift from God, just for me to enjoy.

My camera doesn’t do justice to the beauty…but then replications never do. Here are some of my snaps.


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